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  1. Hi,

    I am facing some problem on click of browse button in file upload field.Some times file selection window pop up is coming on click of browse button. some times it is coming.
    can any one help...
  2. Hi,

    1st time when I click on file upload field button, not able to browse file. 2nd time it is working.
    could any one help me on this issue.

    Not able to handle browse button click event as...
  3. You can try like
    vat butn = bbar.items.items[0];
  4. Have you declared the valueField and displayField config option in combobox. Check the below example, it is working fine in my end
  5. Add Filter to your store , it will work

    combo.getStore().filter("key" , value)
  6. In your application you have written

    renderTo: Ext.getBody()

    If you want to display Ext component in HTML div then modify the code as below. hope this may help you

    renderTo: 'contenu' // div...
  7. Check the below thread, this may help you
  8. Replies
    Yes, you can add new tab conditionally , see the below example!/example/tabs/tabs-adv.html
  9. Add the below config option in your code, hope this may help you.

    minValue : 0.01,
    maxValue: 10,

  10. Thanks Scott for your quick response ,
    will go through the suggested url and see if i found any solution

    Just Would like to know,
    Suppose a user will upload a excel file on his/her local machine...
  11. Hi All,

    Is it possible to read Xl sheet data which is present in your local machine, without hitting server..

    What ever data is in xl sheet , want to read all the columns data and display it...
  12. Use the below code , hope this may help you
    list.getStore().sort([ {
    property : 'name',
    direction: 'ASC'
  13. Create new instance of store to each component i.e for grid and combo.
    store: Ext.create('');

    If you want to use the filter to grid store only, then add this on grid render
  14. Check the below example , This may help you
  15. Need to set the valueField as date field name, which is defined in BaseStore

    Response should be in below format

    data: [{"date": "500"},{"date": "600"}];
  16. Check the below code, it is working at my end
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    Check the below thread hope this may solve your issue.
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    On render of combo, check if the combo store is empty or not. if the combo store is empty then disable the button
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    Check the below code, it is working in my end.
  20. Without passing extra parameter in afterrender function, you can get the grid using ComponentQuery.

    var grid = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('grid[itemId=myGrid]')[0];

    Set the label text...
  21. Check the below url , hope this may help you
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    Use the below code, hope this may help you
    listeners: {
    change: function (field, newValue, oldValue) {
    if (newValue > 2) {
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    Why are you calling loadData() twice

    load: this.loadData,
    render: this.loadData
  24. Check the below example, it is working in my end
  25. Check the below example, hope this may help you!/example/grid/array-grid.html
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