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    I finished an Ext JS 5 Commercial Evaluation and went to purchase a single developer license. It's a non-starter.

    As I'd prefer not to go GPL at this stage, I'll make four of you guys 'honorary...
  2. Thanks wajb, very fruitful indeed!


    So Ext4 becomes the name of the Ext global object.

    And x4 becomes Ext.buildSettings.baseCSSPrefix

    Then I set...
  3. Thanks Phil. Running the following gets overwritten to bootstrap.css every save:

    /* generated file */
  4. No luck in Sencha Architect - as a workaround I tried customizing a JS Resource in the Library but to no avail ;-)
  5. hey Phil,

    just saw your post now. I don't have the 3.0.0 files any more but I've found a workaround that's good for 3.0.1 at least:

    go to Application > Resources > Library, and set Include...
  6. Thanks Holger and Phil - I was about to raise the same. Bootstrap.css is lost upon Architect save - sencha app build is needed to regenerate it so it points to the correct compiled output.

  7. Using Sencha Architect 2.2.3 build 1044 on a Sencha Touch 2.3.0 project, setting a boolean value of a NavigationView's navigationBar property breaks the configuration.

    On a NavigationView, in the...
  8. Thanks mitchellsimoens - output builds OK so I will rest easy.
  9. Thanks a bunch Don, very timely guidance indeed.

    I can remove the @require directives from my app.js
    I prefixed my overrides directive with ${app.dir}/ in sencha.cfg

    Works OK in both dev and...
  10. Resurrecting this thread for Sencha Cmd 4 (as opposed to Sencha Cmd 3).

    Before with Cmd 3, I made the appropriate changes to /cmd/ (-tag=appOverrides) so...
  11. Hi team,

    I'm using the latest version of Cmd ( and the latest version of Ext ( but seeing errors in the logs when I generate a package.

    sencha -sdk ext-
  12. I think this is now fixed in Sencha Cmd 4 via SDKTOOLS-515.

    Note that images etc will get put in /resources/[package-name]/ - not just /resources/ any more.
  13. Thanks kindly evant. Ext is available in my support dashboard as of Oct 1st - I'm guessing this is not a beta and is suitable for production use? rgds
  14. Hi team,

    I'm using Ext localization files to display European decimals (eg 1.234,56) however, the number formatter then leaves trailing decimal separators.

    //correct formatting...
  15. Thanks @jminnick - GREAT pointer which helped a project today.
  16. I think if you must use initComponent then you would need to:

    promote the component to a class,
    create an override on the class,
    define initComponent in your override,
  17. Just encountered the same. Great fix, thanks evant!

    Wondering if there would be any problems with this override?

    Ext.define('RevRec.util.Format', {
    override: 'Ext.util.Format',
  18. The host platform on which my application lives has some body styles which contend with those applied by x-body.

    Thanks for posting your ideas @winkelmann, I'm having similar qualms about how to...
  19. The overrides can be made visible to Sencha Cmd without needing to edit app.js directly!

    1. add the following to /workspace/.sencha/app/sencha.cfg


    2. using the...
  20. Excellent, thanks for the feedback @aconran.
  21. The host platform on which my application lives uses some CSS class names from the Ext namespace. So I load the following code before my application to prevent the styles clobbering each other:

  22. Yeah, the <base /> is only applicable for development :( but at least when the application is built and deployed, no prefix is needed.

    To dynamically load the assets from other than the...
  23. Here's one scaffold that the autoloader will work with:

    <!-- DEVELOPMENT -->
    <base href="http://path/" />
    <link href="http://path/bootstrap.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
  24. Just for clarity; the context of this question is "application overrides" (ie framework fixes) as opposed to "component overrides" (the mechanism for exposing manual coding in Architect, which is...
  25. I encountered the same with Sencha Ext v4.2.1.883 and Sencha Cmd v3.1.2.342 - it was caused by special comments being absent from /workspace/app.js:

    First put app.overrides=overrides in your...
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