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    I'm looking for a component that behaves similarly to an ExtJS tree component (with the ability to drag and drop nodes) Does anyone know if such a component exists?

    Thanks - N
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    Does anyone know why the mask method has been removed from the Ext.Element object in Sencha Touch 2x. And if so, what is the alternative?
  3. And you tried to load the framework without your css included just the standard css?
  4. Well, I would switch out the frameworks (without any updates to the CSS) and see if it does indeed resolve the issue. That said, 2.3.1 has numerous other bug fixes and a better theming process.
  5. I take it that you can't update the Sencha framework to 2.3.1. I believe the issue has been resolved there.
  6. Unfortunately I didn't. It might be something with my local device. What kinds of issues are you experiencing and what device are you testing on?
  7. Not sure this is a bug, however, I thought that I'd mention it in case it indeed is an issue.

    I was using the back method of the object when I noticed it wasn't functioning...
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    Any word on a fix to this?
  9. I believe they're include as part of the resources package:
  10. Simon,

    If I wanted to use the following pictos icons how would I do that in Sencha 2.2?

    @include pictos-iconmask(refresh);
    @include pictos-iconmask(locate);
  11. Have you resolved the issue?
  12. I've ran into this a few time where I use an Ext.field.Select and I call setValue() prior to it's store completing it's remote load of data. Thus the value isn't displayed in the selection.

  13. I'm not sure this constitutes a bug, but I felt it necessary to bring it to your attention.

    If you define an Ext.field.Number object with a minValue or maxValue set and pass in a "" empty string...
  14. So I was finally able to resolve it. The issue was that I named my model with the same name as my object. It didn't seem cause an issue the first time I loaded the object, however, the second time...
  15. So looks like there's some sort of issue with the way the z-index is being set and not having the proper value. I overrode the Ext.layout.Default.insertBodyItem which seems to resolve the problem.
  16. Upon further inspection, somehow the z-index of the Ext.field.Select's list is the same as the floating Ext.Panel. I've attached a screen shot of the HTML elements as they appear in Chrome. As you...
  17. mitchellsimoens,

    Thanks for testing that. Perhaps it's an override or some snippet of code that I've included.
  18. Guys,

    I'm not certain this is a bug, so I wanted to run through what I'm doing to determine if what I'm doing is causing the bug.

    I've got a process in which I add a floating panel to the...
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    Any luck determining a solution for this?
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    Not sure if anyone else ran into this bug, but I recently updated to Sencha Touch 2.1.0. When I ran some tests on the code base, I noticed that when I configured the Ext.ux.picker.DateTime extention...
  21. Humm, I guess I had heard incorrectly. That being the case, is there anyone else experiencing this issue?
  22. I'm aware that Sencha Touch doesn't support Android 2.3, however, it's always seemed to work relatively well in previous versions of the framework.

    Recently I've upgraded my app to use Sencha...
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    I've got a similar issue. What type of information do you need to resolve the issue?
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    So I was doing some testing and it seems that the Ext.field.Select's reset method is not being properly called when you call the Ext.form.Panel's reset() method is called. It seems to call the...
  25. No worries, just a concerned citizen doing there job ;)
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