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  1. Nice application TableBoss! I looked at the demo and especially liked the backend floorplan. It might me an option to give front end user an option to choose their table theirself if they reserve? I...
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    I just found this wizard code and I think it is very nice. I think I'll use it in my app. I only was thinking of an extension of the wizard and that is some kind of table of contents.
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    I figured it out. It was a problem with the database connection. So right after the connection I had to run the next 3 queries:

    mysql_query("SET CHARACTER SET utf8;");
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    I have problems with non standard ascii characters displaying in the form (
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    Now it doesn;t give me errors anymore, but it also doesn't give me the values in the appropriate items. So it looks like it isn't called.

    myReader = new
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    Well the reference isn't fictious as can be seen in the first post. So the reference is right :p

    But for convience here is it completely:

    myReader = new
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    I am trying your example but I keep on getting: myReader.on is not a function. I can't see the problem. Any help?
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    I have a page and at the end of the page I want to set some text values accordingly to values from the JSON.

    The code I use is:

  9. I already solved it by copying from other examples and I found one that worked in my case.

    Thanks anyway.
  10. I have also tried the layoutOnTabChange (with and without deferred).

    Depening on the options this is what it does:

    1) On the second tab it puts all items over each other without labels
    2) On...
  11. Hello,

    I have a problem. I have a tabpanel with several tabs (2 in this example). On these tabs I want to have multicolumn items. I can get it working on the first tab, but when I copy that exact...
  12. Thanks for the help. I like evant's idea best and that is the one I'll use. Thanks!
  13. Hello,

    Is it possible to have a variable to change options in a columnmodel. I want to have some sort of const var to allow edits or not. I think my samples better explain my idea.

    My current...
  14. Thank you for this excellent explanation. This really helped. This solved all my problems (and other problems I had) and has given my additional insight in coding. Thank you very much (y)!
  15. I tried several options. The given message is from the first option

    For instance:

    1) = function(menu, date) { //even with grid.startdate and this...
  16. Hello,

    I have a grid with a tbar in it. On this tBar I have a datefield. Now I want to have an event for this datefield but I can't get it working. Does anyone has a tip because it is killing me....
  17. Hello,

    I found a performance issue in the suggested code. This is in the php file which queries the database. The code to count the number of records is to just load all records and then count the...
  18. Thank you, that information solved the problem
  19. Hello,

    For some strange reason when I press the right mouse button on any item it briefly shows the context menu but the immediately loads the test.php page. While normally it would require a left...
  20. I already improved it slightly by adding:


    But it still isn't completely correct.
  21. Hello,

    I have a problem with my layout. I have searched here for answers but couldn't find similar topics. The problem is shown in the attached images. 1 Shows the layout as it is and the other...
  22. Hello,

    I was wondering if more people have (seen) this problem. The problem is that my (MySQL) grid renders correct in FireFox (ofcourse).

    But in IE I see two different problems:

  23. I resolved the problem myself after a lot of debugging. I found out that my problem was the Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL. The file it referred to ('s.gif') did not exist. For some reason IE did show the...
  24. Oke, to reply on your 2 questions

    1) Everything do make sense in the faq, but the problem was I minsinterpreted the PHP Code. The information in the faq (q23) could not have resolved the issue,...
  25. Thank you!

    I was indeed distracted by the PHP code above it. I am also on an other form and there it really means PHP :P. But with the help of your last code I solved the issue. The console.log...
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