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  1. How did you solve this issue on Android?
  2. Latest version Android 4.0
  3. Hi,

    I am attaching tap event on the form panel for focus blur from all the textboxes.

    Ext.define('XXXXX.view.default.Login', { extend: 'Ext.form.Panel', xtype: 'login', ...
  4. Hi,

    I am attaching tap event on the form panel for focus blur from all the textboxes.

    Ext.define('XXXXX.view.default.Login', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
  5. Please could you tell us in the phoneGap? Same problem with me.
  6. I even tries like this but does not work:-

    xype: 'list',
    listeners: {
    initialize: function() {

    var playersStore =...
  7. If I try like this:-


    it is given me "component/container".
  8. how to check that it is a Ext.List or have some other component?
  9. When I debug my program on that line and see the this.getMyAddressBookList() property so i can not find any setStore method but i can see setData and setRecord method.

    Please help me.
  10. Version :- Sencha Touch 2.2.1

    I am not able to set setStore from the controller. When I call setStore then it give me an error "
    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method...
  11. Hi All,

    I am using below code to render two circles on screen. circles render correctly.

    I would like to drag these circles how i can do this, i spent 2 days finding things so far.

  12. Hi All,

    I need a help on urgent basis. Can anyone help me that how can we filter the data in NestedList?

    Here is my code:-


  13. Having same problem to me. Anyone have any solution?
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    It's really magic. Excellent. Thank you so much. Solved :).
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    Thanks for the response.

    Actually on page load no tab should be selected.
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    Ext.define('XXX.view.Main', {

    extend: '',
    xtype: 'main',

    config: {

    tabBarPosition: 'bottom',
    tabBar: {
    ui: 'gray'
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    Can you please tell me how?
  18. Thanks,

    but we have done like this:-

    var myStore = Ext.getStore('MyStore')

    var tempStore = myStore ;
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    I need to show a home screen (A start up page). All tab items should be visible. A large image will be showed in the middle. Home tab should not be selected by default. When I click on any tab then...
  20. Thanks for the reply.

    I am using container now instead of toolbar but they are not coming horizontal align. They are coming row wise but I need column wise.

    I am using container in the page...
  21. I want have a transparent docked bar... however the trick with the opacity works fine, but i just need a transparent background.
    So if i use opacity at the toolbar i also have transparent items...
  22. My grouper like:-

    group: "FILTER NEWS FEED"

    group: "A Resources"

    group: "MORE"
  23. Hi,

    How to render javascript dynamically in Ext.Panel? I need to load some widgets dynamically.

  24. Hi,

    I don't want to sort my list output as my record set coming so I want to put like that.

    Coming output is like this

    But I need like this:-
  25. Hi All,

    I want to add my own facebook like button on detail page(when I click on list item then detail page slide). On this button i want to like a xxx url on facebook. I don't want iframe like...
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