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  1. Hi Gary,

    Many thanks for your quick response.

    I tried again using the ExtJS4.2.2 code and can confirm that clicking into the editable cells does indeed now cause the correct row to highlight,...
  2. Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2.1 rev 883
    Browser versions tested against:
    IE7/8/9/10/11 FF 26.0 (firebug 1.12.6 installed) Chrome 32.0.1700.107 Safari
    DOCTYPE tested against:
    HTML strict...
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    Is it possible to create custom layouts for rows in ExtJS EditorGrids? In particular I would like to create a logical grid row (a single record) that spans multiple table rows on the screen.

  4. Thanks for the link. I'm aware that disabled controls don't submit a value, my question in this regard is more: why is ExtJS disabling the controls in IE? In all the other browsers it leaves them...
  5. I have a simple ExtJS-based form that displays a Panel, inside which are two TextFields (a username and password field). The Panel is disabled by specifying its disabled:true property when it is...
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    We have had a request from one of our clients to be able to embed grids within the rows of another grid.

    The way they want this to work is such that the outer grid displays normally as if it were...
  7. I am trying to create an editable grid with a selection column. I have created my EditorGridPanel with a CheckboxSelectionModel and all is well so far.

    However I want the selection to change only...
  8. I've struggled for several hours today to fix up a problem with AJAX callbacks since moving from Ext 2.2 to Ext 3.0. Everything else in Ext 3.0 seems to be working fine, but this one took...
  9. Hi Condor,

    That's very strange, I can recreate the problem every time here. To clarify, when in IE8 with Compatibility View switched on, using the example I posted above:

    - if I click to drop...
  10. Hi Condor,

    Sorry, I should be clarified that I am using the appropriate code from the ExtJS 2.2 source, not from Ext 3.0.

    The full source I am using to fix this is as follows:

  11. Users of a system I am working on have started using IE8, and have revealed a problem in Ext JS 2.2 and 2.2.1 relating to ComboBoxes. Where a ComboBox is created by transforming a SELECT field, and...
  12. I don't suppose you can recall the code that you used, can you?

    I tried adding the following to portal.js, immediately before it fires the 'drop' event:


  13. I don't support you ever found a solution to this did you?

    I have a similar problem whereby my portal columns are of different widths. When I drag a portlet from a wide column into a narrow...
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    Did you ever find a solution to this? I have a similar requirement and so far haven't found a way to re-order the tools.

    I can see that I could use the collapseFirst:false option to push the...
  15. I have a TabPanel control, inside which some of the tab panels can by dynamically hidden and unhidden. This is achieved using the TabPanel's hideTabStripItem and unhideTabStripItem methods, and works...
  16. Ah -- in typical style, I found the answer two minutes after posting the question.

    I needed to add the "x-hide-display" class to each of my tab content divs. Once this class has been added, the...
  17. I'm trying to create an Ext 2.2 TabPanel containing three tabs. Each tab has its content provided by a div provided elsewhere within the HTML page, using the contentEl config option when defining the...
  18. Perfect -- and thanks once again for your extremely speedy and useful reply.

    I'm tempted to agree that it is a bug; it's not consistent with the otherwise-very-similar Checkbox control, which...
  19. I'm sure I'm doing something stupid here but I can't spot it. I'm trying to get radio buttons working in Ext 2.2, and they don't want to play ball at all.

    I have the following HTML to create the...
  20. Perfect!

    Many thanks for your extremely quick and helpful reply.
  21. I've tried and tried and tried to find a solution to this but I can't find anything that works, so it's time for a call for some help.

    I'm trying to render an Ext 2.2 EditorGridPanel into an...
  22. If you add some standard HTML textboxes to an HTML page, as you tab through them, each one has its content initially selected so that any text the user enters will by default replace the existing...
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    I think this is a minor omission from the documentation which I know I would have found useful had I realised it could be done. (Either that or I'm using something I shouldn't be using...)

  24. Hi Brian,

    I've added your fix to my Ext source and it looks like it's working perfectly -- thanks very much for your help!
  25. Hi Brian,

    Many thanks for your response. I checked the Ext codebase that I'm using and it already includes the code sections you provided so I guess I am up to date, but the problem still remains....
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