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  1. Our environemnt right now only uses 4.2.1. We cannot upgrade to 4.2.2 yet as we are very near a release and cannot risk our product. I will try on 4.2.2 after we upgrade to that.

    I am seeing the...
  2. I have found another occurrence where wrapping occurs, but this seems to be less picky about the length of the string for the wrap/truncation problem.

  3. In ExtJs 4.2.1, I appear to have found a bug. In MessageBox, if the msg is a particular length, the message will be wrapped, but the height of the dialog will not get adjusted. This results in the...
  4. I am getting the same error. I traced it down to having the problem only when the page size is a multiple of total count. For instance, if my pageSize = 25, and if the data I load (does not matter...
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