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    Hi iancmcc,

    Im facing the exact same issue, were you able to figure this out?

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    I'm using the Livegrid extension and it works fine on FF but it gives me an "Invalid Argument" javascript error in IE6 and 7.

    To reproduce the issue, please follow these steps:
    1) Expand...
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    Perhaps Im missing something.. Look at the source code for this chart example

    Im trying to locate the config values...
  4. Hi,

    I have a RadioGroup and would like to handle the change event.

    For some reason the listener is not being notified of the event (after clicking a radio button).

    Also tried some other...
  5. Hi,
    I have an implementation of the Ext editor to provide a WYSIWYG editor on my web page. On clicking some text on the page i bring up the editor and then copy all the styles of the underlying...
  6. I have an instance of an Ext.Editor that Id like to be able to grow it as the user types in text.

    Is that possible? Thanks!
  7. Hi Condor,

    That actually doesnt solve the problem, perhaps its because of the way Im handling my validation..

    When i enter an invalid value - i save the value to the underlying field, close the...
  8. Ok thanks. That resolves the issue of events being fired incorrectly.

    However i still have an issue.

    When something invalid is entered in the field i want to show an error message and...
  9. Hi,

    I'm providing a WYSIWYG editor for my application using the Ext.Editor object.

    I have an issue with validating the editor contents.

    Please follow these steps to reproduce the issue.
  10. Hi,

    Im using the Ext.Editor object (see attachment, please rename to .html). I need the text in the editor to have the same font as the underlying element.

    I tried using the style config option...
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    Thanks catacaustic !
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    I'm using an Ext Editor to allow in line editing of text. It works great except that when i completely clear out the text and exit, it reverts to the original text instead of clearing the text out.
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