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  1. We are seeing this using GXT 3.0.5 with GWT 2.5 and can reproduce the issue with simple example code.

    Conditions: The issue occurs inside an inline editable grid (with row selection mode), when...
  2. Consider a Tree where the icon provided is smaller than the height of a tree item.

    How does one control the positioning of said icon within the extra space? Currently said icon sits at the...
  3. I am also experiencing this issue. Is this a known bug? It does not appear to have been investigated yet. Thanks.
  4. In reference to the following classes:

    InfoConfig has members for show/hide handlers. These members...
  5. Replies
    I'm having a similar problem as what is being described by darkling235 and I was wondering if you might elaborate on this solution. A cursory implementation of something like the following yields a...
  6. Is there any workaround to this issue? I'm currently experiencing similar problems regarding nested ContentPanels, the ButtonBar area seems to be causing issues with respect to sizing/scrolling...
  7. I poked at it some more this morning and I've discovered the root cause.

    I was testing this feature using a block of contiguous text "abcabcabcabc" whereas the text in the example was composed...
  8. Following along with the existing example:

    I liked the idea of expanding a row to show a block of text, and so I was following the...
  9. I was referring to doing a local sort and I've figured out the detail. The createStoreSortInfo reference was the clue, thanks.

    I had done the sorting via:

    StoreSortInfo<Model> sortInfo = new...
  10. This strikes me as very simple, yet how to do this is eluding me.

    Suppose we a table/grid with 3 columns:
    - Group name (String)
    - Field name (String)
    - Field value (String)

    I want to sort...
  11. From a usability perspective, I'll use a bad analogy. Imagine looking for needles in haystacks, and haystacks will be regularly added. A fairly thorough filtering mechanism already exists, however...
  12. I have been investigating how I might be able to display a very large number of items in a Grid in a relatively smooth manner. Naturally, the following examples are quite helpful:...
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