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    Please read the link, Kurt001 has posted! It is obvousliy not Senchas fault. Apple has f****d up Safari in iOS 7, period. I could notice some slight improvements with the latest iOS 7 updates, but...
  2. Hi Gary,

    thank you for your reply. Yes, I was thinking about abusing the buffered grid to achieve this. But actually I wanted to have a dataview that dynamically adjusts the number of pictures...
  3. Hi shilpay

    did you find the answer to your question yet? I'd also like to know how I can learn the scroll position from the extjs dataview.

    Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi there,

    I have been playing around with Sencha Touch for a while and liked the functionality of the Ext.plugin.ListPaging to load an unpredictable number of images into a dataview.

    Now I want...
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    Scrolling is BAD. In a Dataview List, no matter how many entries, scrolling stutters and hangs! No fun. It looks like back in those days with the first Android versions.

    I tried to downgrade my...
  6. I just ran into an issue that stopped me from using ST 2.2.1 altogether. Steps to reproduce:

    1) Run Sencha Cmd:
    sencha generate app test ../test

    2) View the reult in iOS-Simulator 4.3 (This is...
  7. I just added a formpanel to a tabpanel like so:

    Ext.define('example.view.Main', {
    extend: '',
    xtype: 'main',

    config: {
  8. Hi there,

    I just discovered that all my textfields and other formfields do not have the rounded corners on the right anymore, that they used to have in 2.0...

    Is this a bug ot a feature?
  9. In case someone finds this useful:

    the panels that disappeared from my tabbars had the following config:
    fullscreen: true

    removing this line from the config made my panels appear again.
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    On github there you find a lot of sample code and some nice screencasts:
  11. You cannot do cross domain ajax requests, because of security restrictions, but you can submit a form across domains. Maybe this could be the reason for your problem.
  12. Hallo E,

    thanks for your reply. I fixed all the warnings, but it did not help. All the warnings were complaints about changing
    scrollable: false to
    scrollable: null

    What puzzles me most is...
  13. Hi there,

    I have an app that I developed using Sencha Touch 2.0.0 and now I wanted to upgrade to Sencha Touch 2.1.1 which rendered my app useless.

    I did not use the sencha upgrade command, but...
  14. persist: false

    is what I have set on converted fields, since I do not want them to be sent back to the server.
  15. Hi there,

    I am somehow stuck with a problem that seems to be new here. So let me describe the issue briefly:

    There is a model "user" that has a "hasMany" association. The model here is called...
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    So you have to clear the store that is generated automagically when you call

    by calling

    in advance.

    This did the trick!
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    Hi there,

    I am also using a dataview to display a single record like this:

    xtype: 'dataview',
    itemTpl: 'Huhu {firstname}'
  18. Thanks for the nice example! It is working perfectly for me.
  19. Are you sure that your navigationview variable holds a valid instance of an xtype navigationview? You can find out if you inspect it in the console:

  20. yes, I have noticed this typo, and I tried every possible variation:

    did not help.

    Anyway - in the meantime I gave up on the sync method since it seems I am not...
  21. Hi there,

    in my app there is a store that talks to a server using AJAX. When I change a record in this store, I call store.sync() and the changed record is sent to the server. So far so good.
  22. Sorry for bothering, but I found the solution by myself. In case anybody here is struggeling with the same thing, this is what I found out:
    The layout of the surrounding container needs to be vbox...
  23. Hi there, I am sitting with the exact same problem. No matter what I try, I only get the first list shown on my panel. Here is my code:

    Ext.define('myApp.view.myView', {
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    I have achieved this by using a spacer:

    xtype: 'tabbar',
    docked: 'bottom',
    items: [
  25. B)
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