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  1. It appears to be an issue on when the grid is rendered and when the columns are added to the grid. I have a grid that is built on render, and the setHideable() method works on those columns, but for...
  2. I set up the grid columns using a list of MyColumnModel because depending on my result set, the number of columns to display is dynamic. However, I always want the first column to display and not be...
  3. I've got a grid with about 8 columns. I want the leftmost column to not be hideable, but the rest can be hidden/shown as needed by the user. However, I don't think that this works:

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    Thank you! This helped me find the problem within my code. I had an extra VerticalPanel and VerticalLayoutContainer that, when removed, helped display the BorderLC correctly. It seems that when the...
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    I have a page where I need to nest viewports. The problem is that the inner viewport is sized to the browser page and ends up adding scrollbars. Is there a way to do this? Or maybe there is a better...
  6. boldText is defined as:

    I did try addStyleName but the font-weight doesn't get rendered at all.

    I ended up creating my own wrapper around FieldLabel with new attributes called labelStyle and...
  7. I have a FieldLabel and I want to set the style to be bold. However, when I call setStyleName, the corresponding widget gets moved down a line so it isn't aligned with the field label:

    So this...
  8. Thanks, I was looking into that, but in order to mark a section invalid to display the "!" icon using the markInvalid() method, you have to pass in a list of EditorError. EditorError has to be linked...
  9. My application has a document that contains a button to move it from a "Draft" state to a "Publish" state. The document itself is in "view-mode" meaning that all the model data within is displayed...
  10. Thanks! I will try that!

    One way I had worked around it too was to put each grid into its own ui.xml file, so I had with its TableWidget1.ui.xml and with its...
  11. Is it possible to add multiple grids to a single uiBinder ui.xml file? For example, I need to do something like this:

  12. I am trying to do the same. in fact, I am trying to put multiple SimpleComboBox fields on a single form, and it isn't working for me. Thanks!
  13. I am looking to try to do the same thing. Did you ever get an answer or figure out how to do this?
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