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  1. My fault!

    The bug was caused by call to Combo.collapse.defer(10, ...) during some generic click event handling in my own code. This was time-dependent bug and sometimes caused strange onClick...
  2. You are right. I'm sorry Brian. I was wrong. :"> I thought itemSelector was class added dynamically during onMouseOver.

    I still have issue with this, but please close this bug, because it is...
  3. My computer is quite fast (Intel Core2Duo 2.2GHz), but I'm able to reproduce this on regular basis with some ninja clicking in populated dataview in combo-box. I have quite heavy-weight extjs app, so...
  4. On slow computer with some slow browser (IE6). When you have DataView with many items, mouseover highlighting may be quite lazy. When you are so fast, that you click on item which is not highlighted...
  5. Let's say,
    1. I have store with some records in the cache.
    2. Then I apply some filtering.
    3. Then I need to call store.insert for inserting new item into store at specified position.
    4. Then...
  6. Exactly!
    I'm sorry, I'm not a native english speaker ... but have some bugs around ;)
  7. I hope, I'm not an , I have no problem with '!' dialogs, I know I've added them. This is just a helper for exposing the bug and showing it's effect.

    IMHO this is quite serious bug for...
  8. There was a reason for every step in my test case.

    You didn't get this: I've inserted window.alert('!') into event function to simply show, that code adds event handler for every
  9. Just for clarification: by alert window I mean window.alert('!'), not Ext.MessageBox.alert.
  10. Mystix, I've just tested my test case on official 2.0.1 release. It behaves as announced.

    You don't see that bug in the code? For me it is obvious.
    I did this test case just as an excercise,...
  11. There is registered a new 'show' event listener in every call. This leads to leakage.

    The way how to reproduce the bug:
    1. modify ext-all-debug.js, add alert('!'); into...
  12. Oh, what great improvement! Thanks a lot.

    Here are my random thoughts:
    1. I like the idea of generating ExtSense.js from original extjs sources using some automatic parser. ExtJS team is very...
  13. This works for me, I use modified RowSelectionModel:
    1. commented out rowclick event handler
    2. sanitized "up" to do nothing when lastActive is 0 (active carret is on the first row and there is no...
  14. DragonFist, I had similar idea to produce ExtSense.js file to be consumed by VS2008 using 'reference' tag.

    Teflon has ExtJS parser for his ExtSharp project and he did some work to turn it into...
  15. Tim, thanks for pointing me to simplest test case.

    You can reproduce the bug by:

    grid.selModel.on('rowselect', function() {
    var body = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0];
  16. I have GridPanel with enableDragDrop and Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel.

    I want to store selection server-side. I need to override Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel.selectRow to do some AJAX about selection...
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