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  1. Hmmm... Not in my code it doesn't! [Ext 2.2 by the way]

    var selectedRecord = g_DataRecord; // original data values
    var metadataItems =...
  2. Hello All

    I'm over-riding the afterrender event of Ext.form.Field to show field-specific tooltips, but nothing appears for all my checkboxes... any ideas?

    Ext.onReady(function() {
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    I'm doing something similar, but I find that the tip doesn't appear on any of my checkboxes, even though they're Ext.form.Field-derived...

    Any clues? (I can see that the tip is being set, just...
  4. That's not how it should work though, huh? If there's an onchange event, it should fire, no?
  5. Well, much to my chagrin, I ended up having to use a global variable to overcome this ...

    var formButtons = formParams.buttons;
    for (var i = 0; i < formButtons.length; i++)
  6. I see, and rue, it every day! :">

    Unfortunately though, I do have an awful lot of trouble finding (and creating) graphics I like, and I've always been drawn to the Aqua glassy style widgets,...
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    Sorry its been a while, "ace"... if you're still looking, here's my eventual solution...

    I have my pre-selected items in an array (as a result of an XHR call):

    var complaint =...
  8. Hi

    I'm having a problem assigning a dynamic url config parameter to an Ext form's submit function (a basic javascript problem of scope - at runtime Firebug resports the error "formButtons[i] is...
  9. Hmmm, thanks Evant... however, Fieldset.remove() only removes one item, and needs a component reference - it is therefore not well suited to the removal of several auto-generated components. Is...
  10. Hi

    Has anyone had experience of dynamically creating & destroying components, whereby a call to Ext.Fieldset.items.clear(), whilst it does remove the Ext components of the fieldset, doesn't remove...
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    Thank you "carol.ext"...!

    Apologies for my stupidity :"> - I was coding an interim refactoring (honest!) and completely omitted to code for the async nature of ds.load()

    Here was my next...
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    I think I just need a second pair of eyes on this one, please!

    I'm trying to create a set of Ext.form.Checkbox controls by iterating through my data store (I'm replacing what was a working...
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    That depends... I don't want to be producing HTML at the server, if that's what you meant? I have a JSON object in an XHR result already - how can I produce a CheckboxGroup from that? (Effectively...
  14. No idea if this is related to a similar problem I had when upgrading to Ext 2.2, but my fields reappeared when I set autoHeight:true on the field container... hope that helps.

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    I have an number of data items that I want to represent as checkboxes that I can provide to allow multiple selections.

    Here's the code:

    /*** custom dataview for complaint causes...
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    Many thanks - that works a treat (indeed it works as an Ext container component should - so perhaps that code should be part of the Ext build?)

    Of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I...
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    I have a strange problem - I have two fieldsets, each conceptually the child of a radio button, so that when the parent radio is unchecked, it's associated child controls will be disabled. A...
  18. That would explain it... from the posts/articles I have seen, I thought form.Label was a 1.x legacy - obviously not.

    Is there a list of 2.0.x to 2.2 (latest?) changes? I'm working on a large...
  19. I'm having trouble putting just a basic text entry onto a form, and think that the Label field is the most appropriate (see the docs at -...
  20. Oh, great! :">... if I weren't the last man standing I'd have had a colleague proof-read that for me. Nice to keep your feet on the ground sometimes huh? :s

    My apologies VinylFox, and many thanks...
  21. I have two ComboBox controls on my page, and the value of ComboBox A is used as a parameter to the store of ComboBox B, since the values shown in the pulldown of ComboxBox B vary with the selected...
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