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  1. It is happen that when u deleteAll or deleteUploaded, when remove_file and uploader.removeFile is called, this last funcition remove the item from store (I don't know why), so here is my personal...
  2. you must to set background-size css property to the item and It should work
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    Its seems to not work on sencha 2.3.

    Something related to a listener :(
  4. more info: I'm using Sencha Touch 2.1.1 and Phonegap 2.4
  5. Hi there!

    I have a dataview with items sized by css to 192 pixels width, and I visualized correctly on Safari, but when I encapsulated width phonegap and tested on iPhone the items automatically...
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    It happens for me too. I don't have any events that fires focus action on any field of the form.

    Just when I display the form, the focus automatically fires on the emailfield (one before...
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    and how we capture the position (above | below)?

    i solved in this way:

    then recover the value at

    is this the correct way?
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