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  1. Thanks for the response. A normal text field doesn't encounter the same problem. Removing it to be the only item in the panel improved the performance but it still hangs for approximately half a...
  2. Great workaround, any explanation as to why this happens and potential consequences for removing the call to blur()?

  3. Using latest Chrome version on OSX. Have debugged using chrome dev tools and can find no event handlers being set, let alone activated.

    Still stumped by this. Any help would be great.
  4. I'm using 4.1.1 still. I have a form with a password input type field and whenever I delete characters Chrome becomes unresponsive for a few seconds. The same behaviour does not happen in Firefox or...
  5. thanks for the help slemmon, we are now currently deciding the past way forward for our application.
  6. Seems I may be stuck with calls to the server for new data. I gather I can move to EXTJS4.2 which will have improvements to grids and buffered stores, however for sorting on a field such as...
  7. Well I would like to be able to manipulate all data which has been returned into the pageMap. I am starting to see that this may be impossible though.
  8. I would expect that test case to work. Mine is slightly different in that the store is full of data, items have been updated or inserted into new areas and the reconfigure just doesn't reload the...
  9. ExtJS 4.1.1, I have a buffered store which has a page size of 150 and I have a guarantee range of 150 also. I dynamically add new items to the store and call a reconfigure on the grid which houses...
  10. Managed to find the root of my issues. Using a 'hbox' layout caused some weird rendering of the textarea. Change to a column layout allowed me to get it working properly.

    Therefore I can conclude...
  11. I've done more digging and found that by removing the "grow" properties I had set up for my text area were causing the high cpu usage.

    Unfortunately it brings up another issue in that using the...
  12. I have a nested set of panels (6 panels in total), the bottom panel includes a text area. With an idle system, my CPU is at around 10% usage, whenever I start to use the text area, the CPU goes unto...
  13. I still suffer from this problem. Any update on a work around or estimated release for this? Currently running on Safari 6.0.2 and encountering the problem.


  14. managed to find a solution. I think there may have been a problem with nested styles as the cls wasn't being picked up for the last label.

    anyways, here is the code that managed to fix it....
  15. Hi,

    I've got an issue with word wrapping of text within a form Label. This label is part of a toolbar as show in the code provided.

    var entry=Ext.create("Ext.toolbar.Toolbar",{
  16. Only issue is with IE10. I have a buffered grid.

    Yes 30 minutes is ridiculous. Also as I am loading the whole data set even when displaying a small number of records the load time can be upto 20...
  17. I have a system which has a reasonable large store (less than 1000 entries) and loads this store into a grid panel. On my mac running all browsers it runs fine and performs admirably (generally under...
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    thanks for the clarification mitchell. much appreciated
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    thanks for the response, does this mean we should abandon CORS for ie8? many of my clients still use it unfortunately.
  20. Guys, great effort on the hacks, I have implemented them and got slightly further than I was before.

    However, I am still struggling with my system. I need some extra clarification on the CORS...
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    This was done as just a testing area instead of changing code to a larger application. This replicates exactly what happens on a cross domain system with the server set up correctly.

    Noticed that...
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    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1
    Browser version tested against:


    Ext.Ajax.cors - causes GET and POST requests to hang and timeout in IE8
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    Found the problem through testing other peoples IE Ajax examples. What I have found is that having Ext.Ajax.cors = true set in IE makes the AJAX requests not work properly.

    Is this a bug in 4.1.1?
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    Hi all,

    New to using Ext and have come across an issue with Ext Ajax requests and IE8. A very simple GET or POST request within IE8 always returns as a failure. However the same code returns...
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