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  1. ok, here you can see some code:


    Ext.define('Mainmenu', {
    requires: [
  2. hi, i'm new in extjs and i hope you can understand my english.

    my problem: i have a viewport with store, a model for the store and items. at the items are some tabpanels, which need the same...
  3. sorry, but it doesn't help me further
  4. ok i tried, but nothing changed.
  5. thanks for your answer.
    i put the Ext.Ajay.request(); in a handler from button.

    var anmelden = new Ext.create('Ext.Button',{
    minWidth: 42,
    minHeight: 42,
  6. thanks, for your answer. i tried your answer, like this:

    var Ext.create('Ext.Ajax.request',{
    params: { ...
  7. hello, i'm new in working with ExtJs and my english is terrible, so i hope you can understand me.

    i've two questions/problems:

    i have a textfield and want to set this value with data from...
  8. Replies
    hello, i'm new in working with ExtJs. I searched some opportunity to export a grid to an excel-table. I found on...
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