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    We're seeing some images that just don't work with Here's an example of an EBay listing image that works fine by using the original url, but doesn't work with SRC. EBay uses some...
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    One of the common issues with building sites over SSL is the mixed security warnings that occur when you reference images that are not in the same domain over a non-SSL connection. We're using...
  3. I'm having the same problem. Doesn't happen in all grids, just particular ones. Anyone?
  4. I have a sore need to disable dragging in certain situations (not even allow the drag to start). Is there a workaround until this bug has been addressed?

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    I'm facing the same issue. Any workaround info would be appreciated.
  6. Thanks Evant!
  7. In EXT 3, you could specify that a JsonWriter always format objects into arrays by specifying listful:true. I can't seem to yield the same behavior using an AjaxProxy and writer configuration. ...
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