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    I take that answer from the expert of experts to mean "It is a good way to go." :D
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    I am getting a better grasp on ExtJS 4 and the MVC pattern. I'd like to know from you experts if what I am thinking is the "best practice" for the controller creating views.

    As an example, say I...
  3. I think everyone is going to need more information as to the issue in order to help.
  4. Being new to ExtJS, I'm going to need some help on this one. I traced the code execution for when the gridpanel successfully fired a resize event and when the event was not fired. I included the...
  5. Thinking about it might not be the grid that is the problem. The grid has a PagerToolbar and I am changing the page size of the store based on how many rows would be visible in the grid....
  6. Sizing the browser in the ways described changes the size of the container of the gridpanel which resizes the gridpanel itself. Shouldn't this resize ALWAYS fire the resize event?
  7. I don't see any other posts on the matter, but I'm sure someone else has come across this.

    I have a gridpanel inside of a tab panel with the entire contents of the grid panel visible to start. ...
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    The Content-Type in the Request packet is application/json. The JSON data in the HTTP Body part indicates it is not URL name and value pairs. In order to access that JSON string, you can use the...
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    I have read the above. I'm understanding your issue as there is no JSON data in the $_POST var. Correct?

    This blog entry helped me solve this issue on my project.
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    Are you talking about reading the JSON data?

    $rest_json = file_get_contents("php://input");
    $rest_vars = json_decode($rest_json, true);
  11. No static IDs. Got it. I wasn't planning on keeping them, it was just part of a newbie's testing and figuring things out. Gone....and never again!;)
  12. Interesting approach. I see how having the same controller would have it's advantages. If the controller does not change, and the logic is to call a view EditUser, do you name the phone UI view and...
  13. The # makes sense. It is just like a CSS definition. Thanks for the link.

    Can I assume the component query userlist with the itemdblclick does NOT fire when the grid header, which is part of the...
  14. Being new to ExtJS, I didn't realize the power of the component query. I looked through the generated HTML to determine how I would pinpoint the grid. Now I realize the component query can do this...
  15. I want to once a gain thank the developers and contributors to ExtJS. There is much great documentation on the framework and many great forum posts, but I do see some (including some ExtJS 3.x...
  16. I have done a fair amount of reading up on checking session timeout in the forums and have given my shot at the logic for a basic app.

    My needs are:

    Upon launch, App should check to see if...
  17. I am interested in using Yii as a Model and Controller with ExtJS as a View. Is it working well for you?
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