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  1. This was about that we have some baggage in our themes that needs cleanup.
  2. I finally figured this out.

    In the latest Ext JS 4.2.0 GA, you can find this entry point: C:\ext-\packages\ext-theme-classic\build\ext-theme-classic-all-debug.scss

    This is the file...
  3. Where is the source code of Sencha Cmd?

    If it's available that would help me figure out issues and minimize the need for better documentation.

    This is my current issue:...
  4. At we can read:

    However, when comparing ext-theme-classic and ext-theme-access half are copy/paste.

    Folder Compare
  5. When I execute from MyWorkspace/app1, the following: c:\SenchaCmd3.1.0.239\Sencha\Cmd\\sencha generate theme myTheme

    The MyWorkspace/packages end-up with a folder called myTheme, so I get...
  6. @dongryphon: Thanks. After I end-up with my first compiled css file. How can use "compass watch" or something equivalent?
  7. I'm used to professional layout where we don't copy/paste stuff, and we don't commit in source control third party libraries.

    I executed: sencha.exe -sdk c:\extjs4.2.0GA generate app MyExtJS42App...
  8. I have looked at GA/, and /src/all doesn't exist.
    In Ext JS 4.2, using the new package mechanism or not, can we use "compass watch" or something equivalent, provided by Sencha Cmd or...
  9. At we can read:

    I understood from this, that I can still use "compass watch" with the same file structures I have been using in 4.1.x....
  10. Still the same bad code in 4.2.0 RC.

    We patched the issue slightly by doing: message: ex.message + ex.stack? " - Exception: "+ex.stack:''

    Fixed Logger.warn to output something, and intercepted...
  11. With Ext JS 4.1.x, when having in my controller a views without array like:

    Ext.define('Microsoft.controller.clientManager.SectionDetail', { extend: '',
  12. I think if we don't see a bug number on the top of the thread, Sencha is not going to do anything about it.
  13. says that mask and unmask are private, what else am I expected to use?
  14. My concern is that classes like referenced by!/example/calendar/index.html come from: GET...
  15. Is it expected than any Calendar code become supported, outside of ux namespace?

    It's common that framework like Ext JS include this widget, see:
  16. dayOverClass is undefined then the body of the if still execute.

    if (!rel || dt != relDate) {
    var el = this.getDayEl(dt);
    if (el && this.dayOverClass != '') {
  17. Could this thread be moved to the bug thread? I can reproduce on 4.1.1.
  18. Code below is losing "ex". ex has more information than the message, in particular it has the stack, at least in Chrome. The anti-pattern below is a very well known newbie mistake in Java, it's in...
  19. There are many ways to show validation error, some of them is about using some kind of tooltip. When using qtip we get issues, it's likely not used and tested often ->...
  20. If understand well, we need to modify the implementation to be able to override, that cancelling the purpose of override. For example, in Ext JS 4.1.1, this override do not work, the initTip is never...
  21. In other words, you say that we cannot override ever any mixin?

    It will be useful to be able to, if the introduction of the mixin is all over the place without a subclass like Field that will...
  22. Test case below show alert: I expected 2, but getRemovedRecords() returned 1

    <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>Test case</title>
  23. remove will modify in the loop and so that doesn't work

    Because it's a common use case, ExtJS is missing an API, but really, removeAll default behavior is counter intuitive and...
  24. Able to parse and return correct result:
    mycmp.el.query("div[class=label]:contains(Job Title):next(div[class=data]:contains(keyword))")

    Not able to parse:...
  25. A comment by renku about disabled been both a config and a property in 'Ext.button.Button' Sencha Documentation:
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