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  1. What version is your extjs?
    Please define your data model.
    Do you have checked "internalId" in docs ?
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    Does that go for CheckboxGroup items too??

    In the docs....

    xtype: 'checkboxgroup',
    fieldLabel: 'Two Columns',
    // Arrange checkboxes into two columns, distributed vertically
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    In html i can write:

    <input type="checkbox" name="how_hear[]" id="how_hear1" value="Website 1">
    <input type="checkbox" name="how_hear[]" id="how_hear2" value="Website 2">
  4. I'm trying to add items to checkboxgroup and give em "checked" status to "true" after form rendered.
    The "checked" status come from "ajax.request" response.
    I've called "doLayout" after that.
  5. i think the problem is in checkboxGroup.removeAll();

    if i remove that line, everytime i call "getRequest();"checkboxes appears and do multiple.
    at first result, the checked status are false, BUT...
  6. First i drew this

    var getRequest = function () {
    var getRequest2 = function() {
    url: '/system_users/system_groups/data/0',
  7. Sure! Thanks
  8. I use this code to transform textfield input string to uppercase.

    xtype: 'textfield',
    name: 'txt1',
    maxLength: 8,
    fieldStyle: {textTransform: 'uppercase'},
  9. I've changed "idProperty" in model to "id_vendor", still the second console.log result is "null".
    But then i've moved the listeners from the Grid to the store4... and record result shown.

  10. Perhaps you should change that checkbox into button that has an icon and you can modify that icon in css.
  11. First i set this model...

    new Ext.define('GridModel_Popup_VendorList', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [
    {name: 'id_vendor', type: 'string'},
  12. it's look like that the component is an abstract.. or not rendered... or destroyed?
    isn't it?
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    Have a look at xtype window.
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    Perhaps you forgot to include "CheckHeader.css"
  15. I usually used...

    deferredRender: false,
    monitorResize: true,
    hideMode: 'offsets',

    for every layout that depends on browser/window resizing. IMHO
  16. The 45-day commercial evaluation can be downloaded at :
    If you working in Open Source, you can download it there.

    If you mean "Sencha Architect" or...
  17. I think that is what 'Store' does.

    Request --> Store --> DisplayIt

    whenever you need to display it again, it comes from Store.
    Except you load the Store again in some other ways (change proxy...
  18. the latest version. Sencha Architect 2
  19. I'am sorry, i never play with Ext Designer (or Sencha Architect now).. but i think you have to write the code above manually somewhere in the "Code" view.

    After installing Sencha Architect 2, i...
  20. Well,
    this is an undocumented property that controls the column width. :D
    Have you try it yet?
  21. You can use....

    headerWidth: 200
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    It's in the Docs

    hideHeaders: true
  23. Are you using "Ext.selection.CheckboxModel" or "xtype: checkcolumn"?

    If "checkcolumn", then you can set it with "width: 10" and dont put "flex".
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    Thanx Scott, it works.

    At first i drew:

    editMasterBarangId =;
    var store1 = form_MasterBarang.getForm().items[2].items[1].items[0].items[0].store;
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    Is it legal to load store dynamically (the same proxy url) but with the different extraParams??
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