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  1. I'm in agreement. If you can't page a shared store, then there's no point using ViewModels at all. It's a common task here to have one dataset with two or more transformative views (Grid, DataView,...
  2. I banged my head against this for awhile today and it just seems arbitrary and cruel.

    If I create a Record definition "customRec" with a type of "date" and a "dateFormat" value, new customRec...
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    This is the old one that Saki wrote:

    But it doesn't work for me if I use an HTML5 doctype.

    Is there a...
  4. I really need clarification on the license terms, because effectively, without explicit authorization, it's illegal for anyone to use this extension anywhere.
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    I would really like the license to be clarified. Because without a license, it's effectively illegal to use the component anywhere.
  6. I don't care which way it works so long as the "fine*" documentation actually describes reality.

    *(and here I use 'fine' as defined in the term 'RTFM')
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