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  1. hehe, true, although I think ExtJS 5 runs pretty smooth on tablets with a good 'thick finger' theme. We're still taking it for a spin on tablet
  2. Erhm, that's not true. ExtJS runs in the Browser just like Sencha Touch. It would be no problem packaging an ExtJS app in Apache Cordova or Phonegap or even CocoonJS. The only thing is that ExtJS is...
  3. I have just added a possible fix. Could you please verify whether this fixes the problem and whether it might break something else?
  4. Touch version tested:
    Touch 2.3.1

    Browser versions tested against:

    When quickly switching between a couple of big inifite lists (EG. in a Card layout) the lists can...
  5. Touch version tested:
    Touch 2.0.1, Touch 2.2.1

    Browser versions tested against:
    iOS 6 mobile safari

    When giving a text field or textareafield focus and then scrolling the...
  6. Unfortunately this has not been fixed in Sencha Touch 2.3.0. Please make sure you scroll down before you apply the filter. See the attached screenshots before and after application of the filter:
  7. Touch version tested:
    Touch 2.2.1

    When a list component has been configured as infinite scrolling, the scroller does not scroll to top on refresh when the store is filtered and...
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    Hi, for overriding it's better to use the proper Ext.define('my.fix',{override: 'Ext.Foo.Bar',... }) syntax instead of manually overriding prototype functions. Much less error prone, easier to call...
  9. Even if that were possible without an iFrame I would never do that. Without an iFrame, it would mean that the external site is loaded directly into the DOM of your Touch app. Aside from performance...
  10. PhoneGap/Cordova abstracts the web storage like LocalStorage and WebSQL databases into native counterparts. This gives you the possibility to store way more than normalbrowser based storage. It also...
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    Perhaps put some example code in your question including the response from the server for the delete Ext.Direct call
  12. Just put the overridden iconCls into your class cachedConfig and it will work. That's where it is defined on the Button class as well, the config won't override it:

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    I see you don't have autoSync enabled on your store. This means that when you remove a record from the store you have to call store.sync() yourself, or put 'autoSync: true' in your store...
  14. Hi,

    I would love to help you but don't really understand your problem. You say when you manually adjst the size of the browser window it does not work, and then when you manually adjust the...

    Sencha Touch version tested:
    Sencha Touch 2.2.1

    Browser versions tested against:


    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2.1

    When using a TimeField in a form and that field is loaded with a date object, time field's list tries to synchronize the...
  17. Hi Jerome, I can't open your fiddle.
    I think just updating the mask text should work around it, but I would rather not do that since the code would have to be aware of the fact if there is already...
  18. Hi there,

    After a lot of digging around I found out how to reproduce an (in my eyes very serious) bug in Sencha Touch 2.1 that potentially break all input touch events, making the app completely...
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    Hi guys,

    We just discovered a bug when using a proxy that asynchronously writes data, say a SQL proxy. We have a store that uses a asynchronous proxy and have set autoSync to true. This means...
  20. Hi there,

    My application had a grid that saves it's state (sorting, columns) automatically. By default the grid saves and recovers the properties 'collapsed','columns' and 'sort'. I am trying to...
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    I completely agree that the controller should be able to respond to a component's store being loaded. Once simple way to do that is to forward the load event onto the grid component itself and listen...
  22. Is it possible that someone from the Sencha team informs us about the status of the performance issues?
    - Is a performance update underway and when can we expect it?
    - Does the 4.1.2 update...
  23. I have to say I am really disappointed about the state and performance of ExtJS 4. When the first test releases came out I immediately started testing it. The stabilization proces was long and...
  24. Well, in the app we are building at the moment we are filtering a remote store containing 32k records using a realtime searchbox, every time a char is typed the filter is adjusted and a new load of...
  25. Hi,

    Say we have a List using a store that remotely loads a lot of records. If I call load on the store and then call load again before the first load has completed the List is never unmasked. The...
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