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  1. Yea, you had the honour of being the first subscriber! :)
  2. Hi All,

    I wanted to let everyone know about the new Sencha focused newsletter that we are about to launch called Sencha Insights.

    It is a bi-weekly, curated newsletter focusing on Sencha...
  3. Thanks for the reply Mitchell, that got things sorted.

  4. Thanks for the response Mitchell - worked perfectly! I assumed Cmd would resolve the dependencies using the Ext.Loader's paths.

    For anyone coming across this in the future...

    I added a path to...
  5. Hi

    I'm trying to use Sencha Cmd to build an Ext JS 4.1.1a application that uses a third party script (non-Ext) which I have included in the index.html - all works well in this dev environment.
    Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:

    Sencha Cmd
    Operating System:

    Mac OSX 10.8.2
    Framework used:

    Ext JS 4.1.1a
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    Your best bet would be to use the HBox or Column layout.
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    You must run the sencha create command from the main SDK directory. In your case that would be the /usr/local/apache-tomcat-7.0.26/ext-4.1.1a directory.
  9. If you remove the configuration from the "config" object it should work.

    I threw it into a sample project of mine and doing that made it work - although I was seeing different error messages to...
  10. I am also experiencing this behaviour which doesn't seem correct.

    I'm trying to clear the items from the Carousel and then add new ones but it always reverts to the old set...
  11. Basically you want to use the 'scope' config in the object passed to the submit function. The callback functions will then be executed in the scope of the value given.

    Hope that makes sense.
  12. Hi

    I've been using Janelle's fix in my project and think I have come across an issue.

    The setSuccessful call which is only fired when there are records present (i.e. not being filtered out)...
  13. Hi Janelle,

    Thanks for this override it works a treat!

    Do you know if this has been raised as a proper bug? I have some standalone code that reproduces it which I can supply so the devs can see...
  14. I also had this issue and found that Martin's solution of removing the "autoLoad: true" configs on my stores meant the build ran fine.

    I suggest that this should be moved to the Bugs forum?
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    Hi Mitchell,

    I'm coming across a similar issues where DataViews/Templated components need to be refreshed (where there are string literals inside) and Stores regenerated which requires a little...
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    After a long delay (apologies for that!) the Sencha Touch 2 version of the Ext.ux.TouchCalendar is available from the GitHub repository in the ST2 branch...
  17. I'd like to bump this thread as I'm looking for a download link for Ext Designer 1.2 as I've just moved to a new computer so need to reinstall it...

  18. Try using this.getStore().insert instead.
  19. I had a similar issue and found that if I didn't extend the NavigationView but created it inline and the problem disappeared. I don't know what the underlying problem was but it seems extending the...
  20. I have found a solution which gets things working again but doesn't really explain too much :)

    I removed the class that extends the NavigationView and replaced it with an inline Ext.create and...
  21. Hi,

    I'm experiencing a very strange issue with the NavigationView's back button and hoping someone can help....

    I have a class that extends the NavigationView, this class has some custom code...
  22. I think I am experiencing the same issue and was wondering if you could share a few more details.

    Was it code from the NavigationView's initialize method that you removed to get it working?
  23. +1

    I'm also experiencing this in 4.1 beta 2.

  24. I have found that if the map is rendered in a panel/container that is already visible then it works correctly. For example, I have a card layout with the map on card 2 and the map was initiated...
  25. Check out the Date formatting options in the Date docs (!/api/Date) which are very similar to PHP if you are familiar with that.

    The format you want is - "Y-m-d"
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