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  1. Hi guys,

    Took me a while to get my head around the code... had to write a version with variable names that made sense.

    I think I have a better fix.

  2. I take your point about it being private, but it is certainly very key to how the buffered renderer works.
  3. Hi Gary,

    Have been looking at this again.
    Using this fiddle now:

    I don't think you always need to subtract one, but certainly do at times.
    See the...
  4. Replies
    Excellent post Frank. Well said!
  5. Brilliant, thanks Jim!
  6. Hmm, there's definitely an issue with my fix, so going to look at this again.
    Will return with an update...
  7. Have knocked up a fiddle...
  8. Hmm, got the store working (found mock data section).
    Having trouble replicating the issue we're seeing too...

    No time to keep looking at it at the moment.
    Will come back to it.
  9. Tried to get a remote JSON store working... will come back to it.

    Please feel free to tinker...
  10. I'll try and sort something out.

    Oh, and please can you move this to the Ext 5 Bugs forums?

  11. Hard one to explain this.

    In a nutshell it goes like this.
    - We have a field with allowBlank false.
    - Field starts disabled, so is deemed valid (wasValid is set to true).
    - Field is enabled....
  12. Have raised this to cover the strange typeahead/query interaction.
  13. Hi,

    Hard one to explain this, and no point in writing a fiddle really since relies on the speed of input...

    We are seeing issues with typeahead on combos and the fact that sometimes the value...
  14. Fix, from here:

    Ext.define('Altus.overrides.form.field.ComboBox', {
    override: 'Ext.form.field.ComboBox',

    * Override to make all IEs as terrible as each...
  15. Just to chip in here...

    Regarding the update to checkChangeEvents:

    checkChangeEvents: Ext.isIE ?
    ['change', 'propertychange', 'keyup'] :
  16. Ok, that's not quite right, since checkValueOnChange never gets called.

    This works though:

    checkValueOnChange: function() {
    var me = this,
    store =...
  17. Hi guys,

    Another year, another issue with comboboxes!
    Related to this issue here:

    I believe that the value should not be cleared if the store...
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    Isn't it still inconsistent, it's just that the behaviour has now been defined (i.e. an array in multiselect)?

    Wouldn't always passing an array be consistent?
  19. Thanks for the help again.

    Following some discussion we settled on the fact that the combo should not listen to the store filterchange event if remote.


  20. Currently checkValueOnChange does the following:

    checkValueOnChange: function() {
    var me = this;

    // <snip>
    if (me.multiSelect) {
    // <snip>
  21. Another tough one to track down this.

    In our combobox class we use onBindStore to perform some processing.
    One of these is adding an empty item to the store if allowBlank is true (and we've been...
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    Bah, fair enough I guess. Would prefer it to always be an array though...
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    I have to question the wisdom of changing the select event signature to be either a single model or an array of models based on multiselect. It's madness.

    I now have to check every select listener...
  24. I can still foresee issues here.

    Our forms generally set focus to the first non-disabled/read-only field on the form on boxready.
    If a combo has focus and a setValues is performed won't we still...
  25. No, should just happen.

    Possibly a race condition or something then?
    Happens every time for me, and I know that Nige has seen it (since messaged him).

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