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  1. As the subject says. Fiddle:


    More generally it's not clear to me at all if the FocusManager should be enabled or not - any advice on this? I'm finding the Ext documentation on keyboard...
  2. Hi Gary - I'm using v5.1.0.26

    - bill
  3. I have a reproducible test case of this - a very simple Ext 5.1 application that uses the Bryntum Ext Scheduler library. The app works fine without being built, and the app built by doing a "sencha...
  4. hm, so it is a bug. For a workaround I'm iterating over my records, rendering the container and then using the "flatten" function of Surface to get a data URL that I can display in my grid using a...
  5. Reproducible test case:

    The problem is that the component does not always draw in the cell, even though the draw code is being called. This happens only when...
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    Ross - doing
    sencha -d app build android results in more than 120K lines of debug messages, so it's not clear what I should do with that.

    I created a test app via:

    cd ~/Desktop
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    Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:

    Operating System:

    OS X 10.9.4
    Framework used:

    ExtJS 5.0.1255
  8. Well, using the "--clean" option to "sencha app build" has fixed the problem - the build now completes. CMD5 is picky, though. I had to manually create the "loading" and "icons" subfolders in...
  9. I just used homebrew to upgrade ruby:

    $ ruby --version
    ruby 2.1.1p76 (2014-02-24 revision 45161) [x86_64-darwin13.0]

    And I still get the same problem. First time running "sencha app...
  10. $ ruby --version
    ruby 2.0.0p247 (2013-06-27 revision 41674) [universal.x86_64-darwin13]

    Note that the first time "sencha app build" is run it works fine. It only fails on the 2nd time, and...
  11. sencha -sdk ~/ExtJS/extjs- generate app -path ~/Ext5_App -name db
    cd ~/Ext5_App
    sencha app build

    This all works fine. Then do "sencha app build" again, and I get:

  12. As of today (January 8th) the link is still broken. The source page is:!/guide/ux_extend and the broken link is to the "User Extension Structure" page.
  13. This bug is still present in 4.2.1 - I just wasted a couple hours tracking it down. Specifically, the problem occurs with the static Model.load() method. Doing a regular works...
  14. I've also run into this issue. In order to deal with it I just instantiate controllers like I would any other class - that way the Ext classmanager loads them dynamically, which is what you're...
  15. See
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    I couldn't get the "keys" config to work in Ex4 either. This works, though - in "afterRender" :

    this.keyNav = Ext.create('Ext.util.KeyNav', this.el, {
    enter: this.onSubmitButton,
  17. The solution posted on my blog ( definitely works in Ext 3.3. I've not tested it in Ext 4 - but I'm not surprised that it...
  18. Try:

    layout: {
    type: 'vbox',
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    Sencha have promised a "compatibility file" that will make it possible/easier to run Ext3 apps with Ext4, but as of PR5 that file has not been delivered AFAIK.

    Personally I've been working on...
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    It's not in the copy I just downloaded - it's at docs/api/
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    I'm not 100% sure this is an approved solution, but it's working for me in PR3. Better solutions, etc appreciated.
  22. I see this as well, using the Ext.form.ComboBox example from the PR3 docs (modified so it actually runs...)

    Ext.onReady(function() {
    var testCombo = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
  23. I see this as well.
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    PHPStorm is WebStorm + PHP support. I use PHPStorm for ExtJS development as I also do a lot of PHP development - it's easily the best IDE I've ever used.
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    You want to look into event bubbling (3.0 only). See for an example of how to enable bubbling for all items in a class.
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