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  1. For anyone else having this problem with the callBackKey value changing upon every request sent to the server that hasn't figured out how to make it work, here's how I did it.

    Go into the...
  2. That would make it impossible to make the JSon object returned by the server match.

    Is it not possible to make the function name not change ?
  3. Mitchell the callback function looks like this:

    The function is auto-generated and...
  4. Yes my server returns a response object that is a static string.
  5. I tried using callbackName before I even made this post, it didn't make any difference I still got the same error @haduki
  6. I'm referring to this article:!/api/

    My JsonP response object:

    recipecategories({ "data":[{"recipecategory":"Beverages"},...
  7. I have a completed application that had a functioning splash screen up until about last week sometime. There has been no change to the code base.

    Has anyone else had this problem ?
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    This is exactly when it happens.

    Can you tell me where I can find examples of your defer method ?
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    I have issues with ST2 sporadically displaying a blank view for no apparent reason and when viewing the Chrome console, no exceptions are being thrown. This happens in Chrome, Android and iPhone(s)....
  10. Mitchell,

    Where can I find documentation on compilation of SASS using Compass ?
  11. Mitchell,

    The plus button in the Inspector only allows you to add a stylesheet or javascript file.

    How can I add a SASS and Compass file via Architect UI?
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    If I am populating a select field's options via a store.

    Is it possible to have a specific option/record selected when this Form Field renders in the browser ?
  13. I need to create the layout in the image below:

    A List or Dataview with horizontally aligned items would be ideal.

    Or any other suggestions on how to create the desired paging type...
  14. Thanks for the response, I'll give this a try.
  15. I need to decipher between Android and iOS.

    Reason: If you visit this app( ) I've developed with a mobile device.

    Next tap the "Recipe Swap"...
  16. returns this:

    function (name) { return[name] === true; }
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    @ Mitchell I tried your Utility class example but I get this error when I attempt to access a config:


    arguments: Array[2]

    0: "Globals"
    1: undefined
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    Okay, thanks. I'll try it.
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    Right now I'm achieving the color change by setting the background-image property in a CSS class like so

    background-image: url(../img/headerStrip_bg.png);

    Then I set the...
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    Okay, thanks. I've been using the Sencha Designer and now Architect which have examples but not as nice as the Kitchen Sink, etc. etc
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    Two part post:

    1. Is there another way to change the default color of a Toolbar other than setting the "background-image" CSS property ?

    2. If not, how can I stop the default Toolbar color...
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    Is it possible to download the example applications' code or projects that are located here :
  23. I have the same need.

    Would you mind displaying some code snippets to display how this was done ?
  24. Has anyone had the issue of a select field displaying data while viewing in the Design view in Sencha Architect but when you view the field in a browser no data displays ?
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    No worries, I was able to use the resize event for Containers to serve the same purpose as orientationChange supposedly provided.
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