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  1. Thanks, that makes sense.

    As you say though, it's pretty limiting not to be able to *truly* add custom config properties (I'll spoof the getters/setters for now -- thanks for that tip).

  2. Bump.

    Can you clarify your differentiation? It's my impression that an override is a separate but similar replacement for a class. I would expect "override" to behave like "extend", additionally...
  3. Thanks for the code. I'm also surprised this isn't already in the framework.
  4. Thanks for the tip! I must admit my eyes have skipped over that field for a while now. From looking at the code/docs, I think associatedName is the intended config variable for this, or possibly...
  5. I landed here because I had this problem in Sencha Touch. Here's the code ported over to Touch-friendliness (, for anyone interested.

    Ext.define('', { ...
  6. Architect doesn't expose the associatedName config for associations, which causes the cached property to be "{ModelName}BelongsToInstance", creating a conflict when you want to association multiple...
  7. Ext.Container and Ext.Panel both fire updatedata when you call setRecord(), which I think sets the expectation. Personally, I would prefer both updaterecord and updatedata events, but I would still...
  8. I suppose if you use the tpl config in addition to some fields, then use setRecord(), you would expect it to apply to the fields and the template (I don't really see why not -- I would also expect...
  9. Ext.form.Panel.setRecord() doesn't fire 'updatedata' event, or any event for that matter.
    Ext.Panel.setRecord() does fire 'updatadata' (as expected). Looking at the code for...
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    It was a quick ad-hoc example, but you're right. We are using the request methods in our web service. To use a better example, we frequently have issues with URLs like /customer/{ID}/orders, because...
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    With a REST proxy, rather than only allowing us to append a respective model ID, I would have expected to be able to define multiple variables in the URL. This is also sometimes necessary for...
  12. The override is a good option, but for a quick fix you can add this little ditty to a 'beforeload' event of the store.

    function(store, operation){
    var params =...
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    I made the jump and let it upgrade my project, but it exploded :(( (or so I thought). First, I was just getting a white screen with no logging. Took me a little bit to find it, but eventually I found...
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    Yeah, I noticed that (after some frustration trying to make simple tweaks to the code by hand), but here's the thing: a GUI's primary purpose is to improve efficiency. I'm new to the framework, and...
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    I second the request for a way to edit the code files directly, or regenerate the metadata. Seems like, if there is a conflict/difference encountered in the metadata and code file, Architect should...
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