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  1. Affected versions: any (?)

    The whole task doesn't run at all if the `interval` is omitted. It's neither clear from documentation that it should be specified nor throws some runtime error.

  2. Replies
    Even if you migrate from 4.1.x to 4.1.y extjs may require you to rewrite some (a lot?) of your code.

    So I wouldn't expect it to be easy

    PS: /me is the one who is still on 4.1.1 because of the...
  3. @Wally,
  4. Version: 4.2.0

    In `Ext.selection.Model::storeHasSelected()` there is a line

    if (record.hasId() && store.getById(record)) {

    and the store's getById is implemented as:

  5. Extjs version: 4.2.x

    At the moment `Ext.util.LruCache` maintains a linked list that may leak.

    This happens because existence is checked by value not the key: existingKey = me.findKey(newValue),...
  6. It's still persists in the latest svn version.

    Could please someone open it back?
  7. It's generated by cmd
  8. Uhm, cannot reproduce it today :-S That's weird
  9. I have actually found that the requirement to re-define bunch of variables is caused by the wrong order -...
  10. I have created a dummy theme that defines nothing yet and extends the neutral one.

    In the `my-custom-theme-all-debug.scss` the order of the scss imports is the following:

  11. ext-
    sencha cmd

    If I try to create a dummy theme that simply extends `ext-theme-neutral` and nothing more - it cannot build due to reference to an undefined variable:

  12. I'm following the guide at!/guide/theming

    On the second step when I'm supposed to run sencha -sdk ext generate app ThemeDemoApp theme-demo-app - it fails with...
  13. Oh my bad, I didn't check that PageMap was just extracted as a separate class from
  14. I've noticed that in 4.2.1 the `` storage has been changed from LRU to PageMap, which means, that if we have a buffered grid that serves data from a data source that holds thousands/millions...
  15. - here is a video with an exception
  16. Are you sure the ext-debug version was loaded? It's not possible that it works for you.
  17. It's still perfectly reproducible following the original post instructions for ext-

    There is still `return new Ext.util.Point(xy[0], xy[1]);` line in the ext-debug.js and no one loads...
  18. It won't work, because:
    1. There is no `requires`, it's missed, as I said
    2. It's `new` used not `Ext.create`. And `new` cannot be handled

    Just to summarize, the facts:

    1. ext-debug.js is...
  19. Oh I see what you mean - but Ext.Loader cannot handle `new Ext.util.Point`. By definition.

    Ext.Loader could handle it if we used `Ext.Create()` not `new`
  20. Yep, and the trivial fix would be to replace `uses` to `requires` in the declaration
  21. Version: 4.2.0

    After in 4.2.0 store.pageMap was removed in favor of - some references wasn't updated properly.

    Like -

    findBy: function(fn, scope, start) {
  22. Version 4.2.0

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Modify shared/include-ext.js to load -debug version:

    document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="' + path + '/ext-debug' + (rtl ? '-rtl' : '')...
  23. Version 4.2.0

    `reload()` method or `Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature` still tries to address store.pageMap (which was removed in 4.2.0)

    if (store.buffered) {
  24. Is there a chance to get the diff for this particular fix? May be in svn?
  25. Version: 4.2.0

    In `Ext.selection.Model::storeHasSelected()` there is a line

    if (record.hasId() && store.getById(record)) {

    and the store's getById is implemented as:

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