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  1. Greetings All -

    We are excited to announce that Ext JS 5.1 Beta is now available! Read all about the exciting new stuff on our blog.

    Release notes:...
  2. Greetings All -

    I am pleased to announce that we have posted Sencha Cmd 5.1.0 Beta to the CDN!

    The release notes can be found at
  3. Also, "snapshot" is no more in v5. So +1 to @skirtle
  4. OK, I see. The way sencha-charts works there is not really a "render" phase in the life-cycle like an Ext JS Component. The render method there will run on each "tweening" during animations I believe.
  5. In the interim, will using the chart itself as the source of those events work for you?
  6. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  7. That flavor is simply the "no, really, *all* the things" version of Ext JS. The build will still contain only what your app needs, including (or excluding) RTL support.
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    Not sure I follow the structure you have in source form (dev mode) and want in production. Can you ascii art the web root structure you have?

    For example, something like:

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    I am moving this to the Sencha Cmd forum since this is a Cmd topic.
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    What kind of info are you wanting to get? Nige's suggested API's there could do but maybe a more efficient way is to add "isJoined(store)" method that tests membership.
  11. Does the DELETE key work? I believe that is the default mapping, but haven't looked in a while.
  12. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    Just a heads up - the next release will be renamed to "5.1.0".

  14. Greetings All,

    It is my pleasure to announce that the next release of Ext JS will be "5.1.0" instead of our originally planned "5.0.2" maintenance release. This means that all the bug fixes (and a...
  15. Boot.js is included in all Ext JS builds. We no longer "augment" prototypes, but I think a polyfill is different in that it is adding missing, standard methods. Off hand I think only Function#bind...
  16. We polyfill that in Boot.js so must be something more to the issue?
  17. @Westy -

    Thanks - we'll look into this. It seems to have gone broken Oct 16 nightly. Works in Oct 15.
  18. Sorry about that. It should not have a watermark for the GPL version. Checking in to it...
  19. This is because the package uses the new event system, which does not support capture like Ext.util.Observable. We are looking to combine the new/old Observables and end up with all things...
  20. I believe the paths in question are not impacting loads, but maybe you could attach or gist your json file?

    The paths in the "js" and "css" arrays should be relative to the page. This relative...
  21. This was actually a correction in 4.2.3+ where floating components need to float above the body and its element-level mask.

    To mask a floating component you need to use another floating, modal...
  22. @bclinton -

    The local, development paths in app.json need to be fixed, sorry about that.

    The base URL issue sounds more like the "indexHtmlPath" and "output"/"base" properties in app.json are...
  23. I am not aware of anything in Boot/Microloader that would preclude it working with any arbitrary JavaScript/CSS files.

    The disableCache config controls the "_dc=" query parameter we add to all...
  24. @bmacdon1 -

    As you have observed, we have implemented Boot.js and Microloader.js in a framework-independent manner. The reverse is not the case though - Ext JS 5 does depend on Boot.js and the...
  25. Thanks all - I see it too - we'll see what's up (reopening ticket)
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