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  1. I think I found a problem inside ExtJS 3.2.1 where if I asociate a store with a combobox and set the mode to remote the store isn't loaded when the user click the arrow to see the choice. The reason...
  2. Hi,

    I have a chart that draws data from a store, I'd like this chart to reload the store each 1-2 seconds and then refresh the chart. I did that with a task, setup my task to call a function...
  3. I am currently investigating if the TreeGrid would solve that, what do you think? Is the issue really about the number of dom entry or ExtJS way of doing it?

    I do have in another application...
  4. I need help to identify and solve a performance issue where I have 800 entries inside an ext js tree it seems that the application is slow and the browser indicate that the script has problem...
  5. Well if I don't want it anywhere else for a short period of time what is the process to do that? I want it to be removed from the DOM so that in a short time when the user do something else it may...
  6. If you aren't destroying an object when removing it from a panel it won't be removed from the DOM, meaning that it won't be in the parent container's items list anymore but will still be visible on...
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    By comparing the code for removeAll(true) and removeAll(false), I found out what the problem is. It seems that ext js doesn't support removing a panel after the render steps. The code that remove...
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    Here is a sample application that demonstrate the problem described. After running this application you end up with panel 1 and panel 2 both visible inside the viewport when the removeAll(false);...
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    My application has 2 trees, you first select the element you want to change inside the first tree and based on the selection of the first tree the second tree appear with the appropriate menu item...
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    I have a panel (mainMenuBox) which hold a tree panel. I then call mainMenuBox.removeAll(false); then mainMenuBox.add(anotherTree); and mainMenuBox.doLayout(); and what I see is both of the tree...
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    I also want to note that while I know Ext JS has states and the like the problem here is that the "location" isn't a state. The fact that some of the node are expanded or collapsed, that to me is a...
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    Here is an example of my hash string:


    Each panel that can record...
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    I am trying to build a big application that will require URL to be working even if the application is totally driven by AJAX. I am using the hash part of the URL to indicate when the location change...
  14. I saw that Ext has a grid.PropertyGrid(). This object uses a field called "sources" to generate a bunch of "form fields" with format defined by some "magic".

    I was wondering if there was a...
  15. Here is a code sample demonstrating the issue.

    * Ext JS Library 3.1.1
    * Copyright(c) 2006-2010 Ext JS, LLC
  16. I have an issue with Ext.History. When you "add" history value without a colon in them, the back button in IE doesn't work.

    So if you do


    Inside Firefox, no...

    I took this sample and put the tab panel inside a viewport object with a layout 'border' and set the tab as 'center'. ...
  18. Hello,

    I have an application that uses Ext.History to track the current location. I am attempted to build my app dynamically and I wish that each of my navigation tree (2 of them) update...
  19. I am trying to find a way to do an automatically sizeable layout that looks like a table with the exception that each element inside the cell take the more space they can.

    Example I have a table...
  20. you're right, I overrided the way those tools get rendered to include text.
  21. Well recheck my solution, works fine!

    Including a screenshot that shows it...
  22. It doesn't describe all that I talk about... It describe only what a tool button config is. Yet like I said, text works and it is not described. Also why not re-using existing class like button...
  23. I appreciate this open-mind spirit, way to go!

    Like I mention in my subject my goal was to add tools or button to the title bar. Therefore if for example "tools", which is a very generic term,...
  24. I found out how to do it. Yep, I had to use tools here how I did it:

    var myPanel = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    collapsible: true,
    collapseFirst: false, /* Make sure the collapse tool...
  25. Actually, I can...

    Using that document about same origin policy, I've altered my server to answered positively to the HTTP OPTIONS and the browser did follow with an HTTP POST.

    So I did found...
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