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  1. yes it was , The code I posted is sample code ... which is similar to I have in my project.
  2. Even I am facing same issue. In my case, I have a panel with Vbox layout. In this panel I have 3 container each having buttons or fields. I also set flex config of those containers. whats happening...
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    How to send Ajax request to an external URL from Ext.Ajax.request. I tried using ScriptTagProxy as seen in below code. It is not working.

    proxy: new...
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    Good plugin, Would like to add to my app. I have 2 needs
    1) how to show this keyboard when I click on a buttion
    2) enter the text in a text filed that is currently in focus.

  7. I need to use few native javascript functions like 'replace()' which replaces a character. When I use those functions I am getting errors in firebug as function not defined. My project is build...
  8. today I checked the example Ext JS Forum Browser link : on site seems it is also not working.

    Yesterday I could see tree...
  9. Hi All,

    I am using Tree panel as west region and set url as in designer (for test).

    I could see the tree data as nodes and leafs in designer preview,...
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