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  1. +1 to that.

    I've just lost 3h debugging this issue. As soon as I've defined "metaProperty" on my Json reader, associations stopped working. Debugging the whole stack revealed that...
  2. This simply means we need to file a bug for CQuery, but this Architect bug still stands. As I've described above, component/container building and "Ext Designer" worked flawlessly. It's possible CQ...
  3. Leave xtype for now.

    Here's the case:

    Ext.define('NS.something.Potato', {
    extend: 'NS.something.Veggie',
    alias: 'widget.veggies.Potato'
  4. So basically:
    - "yes, it's a bug, we won't fix it and we don't care"

    Need I remind you, that it's something that was broken with the introduction of Architect ? It was working fine with...
  5. Yes Phil.
    It's a nasty, old, stinky bug.

    I use dot aliases since Ext 3, because they're essential for a modular app or one with tens of widgets.

    The following works perfectly in Ext 4.x,...
  6. It's just an old, abandoned bug ... not really "necro" since it's still OPEN, as in not-fixed :)
  7. I think I hit the nail on the head.

    I've fixed several other places where me.loading = false was used in prefetch scenario.
    I've changed the order of prefetchPage() and me.pageMap.on() calls in...
  8. That did not help... grid is still stuck in the above sorting example, it still gets stuck most of the times during initial load.
  9. Note 1: grid hang with sorting (described above) occurs most often when there's a small number of records (i.e. as on the screenshot, 15 < 50 bufferSize)

    Note 2: all of the symptoms disappear with...
  10. I'm getting desperate. Now the grid hangs when trying to change sort order....

    Click column name (change sort order)
    Loading indicator pops up.
    XHR request goes out and FINISHES LOADING
  11. I'm using Loader in dev so there might be load order issue which makes the override ineffective. I'll give it one more go by patching Store.js and letting you know ...
  12. They are valid values, because they had been recognized by Reader since Ext 3. It's just Writer that doesn't support these tokens. We can either make Writer support them the same way Reader does, or...
  13. Unfortunatelly that still didn't help with the store being stuck at loading.
    I'm still suffering from the problem of store not reporting as loaded, indicator spinning indefinitely, even though XHR...
  14. Possibly related to:


    Any browser.
    Ext 4.1.1 (was working fine on Ext 4.0.x)
    A store with a proxy...
  15. Info provided. Any updates on what I could do to work it around ?
  16. Update: I've noticed that the bug usually surfaces when the paint event is far after the store has finished loading. I'm not yet 100% convinced that's the definite cause, but I've noticed that when...
  17. It happens more often with browser cache enabled and firebug/webkit inspector disabled (for some reason)

    Screenshot after it happens.:
  18. Sorry, forgot about that. Updated the report above.
  19. Use case:
    Store with buffered: true and autoLoad: true
    A grid using that store, with loadMask: true
    The store is loading data from remote server and there are enough rows for at least 2 pages....
  20. Ops. Moderator ?

    Could you please undelete my previous post. It kinda explains this potential bug.
  21. Stumbled upon the same thing (same codebase, replaced 4.0.7 with 4.1) - for every store that is loaded, an exception is raised after it finishes loading:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property...
  22. Previous discussion:

    What are those issues?
    These are valid file...
  23. For some reason names with hyphens are rejected.
    I suspect that validator on file name field needs some relaxing.

    Example file name: "new-project" or "new-project.xds" (save path is irrelevant)
  24. Confirmed. It just hangs at "xcopy" when trying to deploy on Windows 7.

    What's wrong with spaces and underscores anyway? It's 2012
  25. Import from old Ext Designer into "Architect" was successful.

    Unfortunatelly Architect keeps erasing userAlias properties of my components, because it disallows "." in userAlias name.

    There is...
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