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  1. I can vouch that this problem exists on iOS 6 w/ Sencha Touch v1.1.1 (release) and further confirm that this is reproducible within chrome v23.0.1271.26.
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    Hi Team,

    Please expose $toolbar-button-color as an public configurable variable.

    This will allow us to configure the colour/style of toolbar buttons independently of the toolbar base...
  7. Confirmed.
  8. <confirmed>
  9. FYI - changing the on href -> target: "_blank" also works.
  10. Try stripping the dashes from the phone number in href/correcting the format to RFC3966.

    Alternatively use javascript to adjust the window.location which won't navigate away from the current...
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    Thanks Blessan - I've put it up on GitHub..
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    FYI for those whom haven't come across this very sexy piece of software...

    download @...
  13. Yep, broken for Android - working on iPhone.

    new Ext.Panel = ...
    contentEl: 'content'

    <div id="content">
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