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  1. Hi,

    I can´t access to Ext GWT Demo explorer (

    When it will be available again????
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    Oh ok... I did'nt know about the mask() and unmask() functions... I was talking about the loading panel like the one that is used by the GXT Mail App example when it's initially loading.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to understand how the GXT loading panel works. I saw the Mail App example but was not clear to me because the only reference that I found about the loading panel was
  4. Sooo that's the problem... I added the gxt library to the app build path but I had'nt on the serverclasspath

    But now it's working... Thanks a lot Sven ;)
  5. Hi everyone,

    BaseModel in RPC is not working for me to. I don't no why... I check everything again and again and it seems that it's all fine.

    I´ve used the example above (Item class) and that...
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    Hello everyone...

    First, sorry my broken english :)...
    I have a question...
    How can I create a vertical Toolbar? Since the API does not provide any function for this I thought that if I, for...
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    Hi everyone.... Congratulations for this fantastic UI Library ;)

    I have a question:

    You're saying that GXT2.0 was built on top of GWT1.6. So GXT2.0 M2 does already support the new event...
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