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  1. From the article / slight modifications to suit Cmd needs:

    Install Homebrew – ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
    Run brew doctor to check that Homebrew is installed...
  2. Thanks Dmoney, I was using that article as well, but it was failing on the openSSL install yesterday. Today it looks like they have it resolved and I was able to get 1.9.3 installed as well using...
  3. There is at least 1 requirement for Ruby 1.9.3 that is not Mavericks "ready". Installing Ruby 1.9.3 or below is proving to be a challenge. Since Cmd doesn't work with Ruby 2.0, that is an issue.
  4. I'm not trying to be difficult, but is there any more documentation on the reasoning for this change beyond "This folder contains the forms"? Am I doing myself a disservice keeping forms in the...
  5. Creating a new app with cmd creates an app/form directory. I don't see anything in the docs about it. Is the direction to start using this directory for form views, or is this intended for...
  6. Values in the form.getValues() prior to submit:

    AllWordsAdv: "MARKET"
    Areatype: null
    Book: null
    Category: "0"
    Fuzzy: "0"
    MaxResults: "10"
    SearchQueryType: "1"
  7. Thank you very much for pointing this out.
  8. I've tried this with and get the same results. Are you asking if I reference each record by id? If so, no I do not, I just load it via Direct.

    Since it is happening on all stores, I'll...
  9. In 2.0.1, once a store is initially loaded, all records are flagged as phantom / new. When you try to sync that store later with an actual addition or update, all records are passed as data. I'm...
  10. Any thoughts on this? It still will not create a build. Is it an order thing? Is it not supported?
  11. If it helps, this was created via Architect.
  12. When I attempt to create a build of an application using a direct proxy (data stores), I'm getting an issue:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    requires: [...
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    Same error on 50799. It was set to true, I tried setting to false, and removing the formHandler parameter completely. That function (originally an EXT function) is set to take the formPacket as its...
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    I'm afraid I'm not catching this one, you want me to add that to the App definition? I'm not sure where else in designer I could add it.
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    Thanks for your response, this seems to get me on the correct path. I'm running into the same issue now that I was when I had the API defined in the form. I've created the model with the Direct...
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    How can you set up a Touch 2 form to submit via direct api? I've tried to handle it in the controller and add 'api' as a custom property to the form. I hope I am just overlooking the obvious....
  17. Still no word. Still an issue. I wonder if this is due to the recent java patches?
  18. I'm having issues with the SDK on OSX 10.7.3. I uninstalled the beta 1 version, but was still having issues. I then noticed the .bash_profile did not remove the path to beta 1. After removing that...
  19. Have not seen it in 360 (2 days of use now). It has been much less frequent over the last few weeks. It was only happening when a field promoted to class was viewed in design mode from the form...
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    I'm trying to default the value of a Date Picker Field to today's date. In the value field, the validation will not pass other than m/d/y. I've tried a number of different ways to get around it,...
  21. Couple of bugs to report:

    From a form, when I click on a select field (which is a linked class) in design view, I consistently get a TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function error. This seems...
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    It appears that the IO data store objects have been pulled from this build. In addition to removing the stores from designer (they are no longer visible in the project inspector) it has also removed...
  23. Quick follow up in case it may be useful to someone, even with the closeText changed, it was still creating an anchor with the default text. So the workaround was to clean it up each time I created...
  24. +1 on this,

    Also, you can not disable the closeText after 9 open tabs (on the 10th tab) the "Close Tab" text will appear even if you attempt to override it.
  25. I have multiple data models going against a single MySQL database via Direct on a form. Ideally (my understanding at least) I only want to have one connection to the database to minimize redundant...
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