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  1. Hi

    How to sort the store programmatically?

    in multiselect if boundlist got refresh I have to sort the local store(boundlist store)
  2. Hi Naveed,

    I have gone through default behavior itemselector.

    may be my question not clear..

    I have to restrict drag and drop only in with same containter(from / to boundlist), it should...
  3. how to restrict up and down drag and drap in itemselector? is any config for that?
  4. Thanks

    very useful and saved time
  5. Hi

    is any component available for Ratting with Star

  6. Hi

    Is possible to draw border in stacked column chart like below image.
  7. Hi All,

    can anyone having idea to achieve the chart grid style?
  8. Hi ,

    thanks for reply.

    my primary focus is achieve the chart grid similar to above image, then the ticks
  9. Hi prem,

    when we use'text') it will search entire DOM. and changes applying in the places where ever the same text using.

    suppose same page if we use 2 places same chart it will...
  10. Hi,

    I have doubt on line chart grid styling and major and mionr sticks line styling. Please refer my attached requirement image, Tried many ways I couldn't achieve same style? suggest me to...
  11. Hi

    share your code, let me give some suggestion. I have achieved in my code for center position..

  12. Hi,

    how to add a userdefined css class name for chart surface text?

    I have to add my css class in below code? can any one give me idea?

    var sprite = chart.surface.add({
  13. Hi Prem,

    thanks .. But I achieved my scenario in this way

    initComponent: function () {
    var me = this;
    afterlayout: me.onAfterLayout,
    scope: this
  14. Hi ,

    how to register a event for chart serious in initComponent.

    I tried below code but getting error like this

    Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'on'

  15. Hi mitchellsimoens.

    Thanks. But my requirement is bit differ from what you understood.

    i-e for particular month(x axes label data) I have to draw a circle on data surface. finally I have been...
  16. Could you explain in detail or share your code?
  17. Hi Prem,

    it works. Thanks a lot.

  18. Hi,

    How to highlight X-axes label when mouseover the data in line chart. Kindly refer below image

  19. Many thanks Scott.

    it works..
  20. sorry Scott.. I conveyed wrongly to you. I posted two questions.

    Simple requirement

    just need to change the color for x axes label( each and every label different color)

    Refer below image...
  21. Yes correct..
  22. Thanks Scott,

    But requirement have to change the color for x axes category label, pls refer below image

  23. Thanks Scott.

    regarding different color for x-axis ( Eg: January, Febuary, March, etc) each and every label, I couldn't get your point. Kindly explain me more

  24. Hi Scott,

    1. while setting rotate degree to label, label end should positioning in center of chart bar

    2. Have to set each and every label different color(user defined color)

  25. Hi All,

    Can anyone suggest me idea

    How to highlight label as well with different color when Current selected co-ordinate to be highlighted ? And how to create custom marker config type for...
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