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  1. We're currently migrating our webapp to Ext JS 5 from Ext JS 3.

    Then we used HighCharts as ExtJS 3 couldn't meet all our requirements. Since ExtJS 3 there have been made a lot of improvements to...
  2. not from what I know. from what version are you upgrading? and...
  3. thanks, I tried it and it works fine with static data but is it possible to pass a value to the formula?

    or is the only way to create a formula for each permission I want to check for?
  4. Hi everyone:))

    I'm currently trying to implement client authorization within my ExtJS5 MVVM/MVC app.

    I thought it is a good idea to use data binding for this purpose. The currently authorized...
  5. that made the offsets to the actual mouse position even greater.

    but you pointed me to the right direction. I'm using cellcontextmenu event now and

    menu.showBy( td, 't-c', [0,9]);

  6. I did. same results..

    you might try out your proposed solution:

    b57 is without tree.add(..)
  7. thanks for your answer.

    it works with the handlers=D>

    After implementing it, the menu gets shown at the wrong coordinates. I noticed it also in your example.

    correct positioning:
  8. Hi everyone

    I wanted to add a context menu to an tree panel and use the same ViewController instance for this context menu.

    When I created the menu manually via Ext.define, ViewController and...
  9. did you come up with a solution or did you end up using a charting library like highcharts or fusioncharts?
  10. I had the same issue using TinyMCE, Ext.ux.TinyMCE 0.8.5 and Ext 3.2.1.
    I figured that in the function '_setEditorSize' in Ext.ux.TinyMCE the Toolbar Element of TinyMCE Editor is not...
  11. nobody? :((
  12. any ideas on this? :O
  13. hi everyone

    I failed to show a Dialog within a event handler of a 'beforerowselect' of a gripanel... it just doesn't show up respectively it disappears immediatly. :-?

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    nice post! thanks for sharing!

    I'm wondering how you manage the authorization on the client side (inside js) ?
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    nice extension..=D>

    is there anything comparable for the CellSelectionModel? would be awesome..
  16. thanks.. that was the key hint! (:
  17. ok, I isolated the whole part with the TabPanel.. took a little bit effort to got that running, because there are a lot of dependencies with which I don't wanna bother you.
    and after all, I did find...
  18. I set up an context menu for my tabpanel but everytime the context menu is shown, the panel content disappears or is resized to 0.. whatever I just can't see the content anymore..

    anyone knows...
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    take a look at this topic:
  20. it's pretty obvious that it won't work with ONLY addTab.. I was talking about comibining it with deleteTab.. but it seems It's already done, hence I will check out extjs 2.0... thanks for help!
  21. Hi,

    As the title says I want to insert a TabItem between two others.. but as far as I'm concerned there is no "insertBefore" method for the TabPanel like the TreeNode has..

    Is there an easy way...
  22. yes! (: thanks jsakolos! it works perfectly :D
  23. when I use e.xy as parameter e.xy );

    this error occures (firebug):

    I tried using
  24. ok there's a new issue now...

    I've added Events on the TabPanelItem but also on the TabPanel itself (see below).. because I want to add some actions on tabPanel like 'add new panel' or 'flush...
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    I think, he probably meant.. how to insert a button on EVERY row in a specific column...
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