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  1. Hello,
    i know that inserting and deleting records from buffered store is not supported in extjs 5.0, but what about editing record values? I didn't find any mention, that is shouldn't work, but...
  2. Hello,
    can you tell me, what is the correct way to reload grid with buffered store and scroll selected index? Here is the code, that I've come up with, it works, but there are a few issues with it....
  3. I know, I'm catching this error in my code, but after upgrade to extjs5 this error started to occur in extjs framework code as well, for example in Ext.selection.Model.refresh. I guess it's about...
  4. ExtJS 5 release (
    There is a bug either in BufferedStore.getById method or its documentation, which states, that method returns null if not found, but implementation is raising an error...
  5. Replies
    You can also add expand/collapse listeners to panel and call layout update manually

    listeners: {
    collapse: function(p){
  6. I've compared generated applications with commercial and gpl licenced SDK. The only difference (except generated uuids) was in ext/cmd/sencha.cfg file, gpl SDK generated
  7. Hello,

    I've succesfully migrated my app to ext js 5.0. The last issue I'm having is how to properly package my app it into war.

    To avoid browser caching issues, my build script is moving...
  8. REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    all versions since Ext 4.1.0 including latest 4.2.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    affects all browsers

    Size of components...
  9. Extjs 4.1 introduced a new property of AbstractView - preserveScrollOnRefresh - I haven't actually tested it, but based on it's description it looks like it does what you need.
  10. Try setting hideMode on tabs to 'offsets', that should fix the scrollbar issue.

    Apparently, it's not a bug, this is a feature (although a little bit strange one), ext js 3.x behaves the same way.
  11. You can find many threads in Ext:Bugs forum reporting performance issues with Ext 4.x. For example, a few months ago, I've reported, that displaying mask over grid with a few thousand rows is slow...
  12. Probably same issue as
  13. I've fixed this issue by extending RowModel.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: 'Ext.selection.RowModel',
  14. try calling store.reload(), works for me.
  15. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 20
  16. Grids with a few thousands rows have serious performance problems in IE8, IE9.

    Showing load mask over grid with 5000 rows takes 9800 ms seconds (in IE9).

    Showing message box over grid with...
  17. Hello,
    showing load mask on grid with a lot of rows is veeerryy slow. On my laptop (with cpu Core i7 2760QM) it takes about 5 seconds to show load mask over grid with 5000 rows. The problem occurs...
  18. Replies
    I've question for Sencha developers about the subject of this post. I've not found anything in documentation/forums regarding editing support in infinite grid. Does that mean that that...
  19. Let me explain a few more details.

    I've compiled using GWT/gwt-exporter to javascript. Swing layout managers such as...
  20. Hello,
    I've created custom container layout (it's basically gridbag layout from java compiled to javascript). My layout needs to take into account height of docked items at top/bottom of panel, ...
  21. Replies
    Try using afterlayout event instead of afterrender.
  22. Don't worry, I'm sure that Sencha developers know exactly what you are talking about, they just ignore you.

    Anyway, you can try changing window hideMode config option to 'visibility' or 'display'.
  23. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1 rev RC1

    Browser versions tested against:


    DOCTYPE tested against:
  24. Can you at least provide an estimate, when 4.1 be finished and released?
    - a month
    - 3 month
    - even longer
  25. I've already seen this thread. Jacky Nguyen suggests, that using the 'singleton' feature let me leverage all features of what the new class system has to offer, including inheritance, ... and...
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