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  1. Cooolio ... gracias signor :) I am going to try that one asap.
    Keep up the good work!
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    Here is my workaround for this too:

    - I actually reassigned the tap events to the buttons just after I used them the first time and I am keep assigning them after every use... lame, I know, but...
  3. I did a workaround it, I had to replace all the images in the template with Ext.Img and assign the Tap event.
    Tested already on iPhone and Galaxy II, worked like a charm, however not that elegant...
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    Thanks, I will follow it there... I mean here :)
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    Here is the archive with my example. Thanks guys! (btw... I could not add it in .tgz format. What kind of limitation is that?) :o)
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    1. I noticed VERY OFTEN... that at a certain moment, the project does not deploy anymore correctly. I have to reload the project to get this working again. Am not sure in what context, but happens...
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    Check out the attachment.
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    Hi, here is what I have, am not sure is my mistake or a bug:

    1. create a main app with controller and view etc.
    2. add a container, auto-created from a reference in the main controller
    3. push...
  9. Yep, I assumed that, thanks.
  10. Ney... I need to actually go back inside the controller and open a popup with the pic (you know .. thumb goes to full). So I have a function called via javascript within the anchor's href. I cannot...
  11. I got a pic within an anchor in a template. You cannot get it tapped in iPhone. On desktop (Chrome) works like a charm. I am thinking to replace the whole template with a list of native Ext.Image...
  12. Yeah this is what I was looking for ;) thanks!

  13. Forget it.. :o)
    Found a workaround, just used a global function and called it normally:

  14. Hey guys,

    I have this situation and I cannot get it to work.
    I have a detail view opening from a list. Inside the detail view the entire data is built dynamically at itemtap.

    In onListItemTap...
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