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    I am using the Ux.locale.Manager extension and am having trouble localising an item that is nested within another item. I have a toolbar which has an item called Fruits. This in turn has a (menu)...
  2. Here's the link to a blog post on how to use the Ux.locale.Manager extension:

    In the...
  3. Thanks evant. I logged into he support portal but am unable to download Ext JS 4.1.3 - it says "IE cannot download from The file could not be written to the cache". ...
  4. I just checked it against ext-4.1-rc3. Now I see the following text/message at the bottom left hand corner of the screen : "Logged Errors: 1 Warnings: 0 Info: 0 Log: 0" (see attached screenshot)....
  5. I used checkchange and the following line of code in checkchange:

    for (var i =0; i < teststore.getCount(); i++) {teststore.getAt(i).set(this.dataIndex, false); record.set(this.dataIndex, true);} ...
  6. I am using Ext 4.0.7 as well and am having the same error. I have 3 checkcolumns, which are in a grid, which in turn is in a fieldset, which in turn is in a formpanel, which in turn is in a window. I...
  7. Thanks for the reply, Scott. I solved this issue in another way. Thanks though.
  8. In this case 'return false' in the beforecheckchange function disables ALL the checkboxes in the checkcolumn. What do you do however if you want to enable only ONE checkbox in the checkcolumn (i.e....
  9. What is the difference between checkchange and beforecheckchange? I am currently using checkchange but do not understand the difference between the two. Thanks.
  10. I had to do a similar thing with checkboxes in a form. I had a checkboxgroup in which I had a few checkboxes. I created a checkbox called Check All. I then passed the id of each of the checkboxes to...
  11. Hi Scott, I don't mean to bug you but do you have any tips as to how I can proceed? I read Ext JS in Action where they show how to load data into a form using formpanel.getForm().load() but here data...
  12. Hi Scott, I will try another zip client. For now I have the following code to try and load the data into the form:

    var formpanel = Ext.getCmp('EditUserForm');
  13. Thanks Scott for your response. When I try to open the zip files ( and I get an error ('The compressed folder is invalid or damaged'). Also, I read...
  14. Hi Scott,
    Thanks for your response. I am familiar with Ajax requests in Sencha (I used it earlier to delete a user from the database) but I am not sure how to use it when it comes to editing a user...
  15. How exactly would I pass the id and load the record from the table ? I know how to use

    var formpanel = Ext.getCmp('EditUserForm'); formpanel.getForm().loadRecord(rec);

    but this does not...
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    Thanks everyone for your input. This question was perfectly answered here:
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    Thanks everyone for your input. I found the perfect answer here:

    My DeleteUser function code works and is as follows:

  18. Previously I had simply recreated an Edit User form in the function EditUser(id) and loaded data via loadRecord(rec). My supervisor, however, told me not to do it that way. So I used...
  19. I have a grid which displays a list of members. The grid has an actioncolumn called Edit with an icon. If a user clicks on the Edit icon, the window is redirected to another page which contains the...
  20. CreateUserForm is the ID of a form within a window which is in a file called Edit.vm. I am trying to query the form from within View.vm which is a separate file but in the same folder as Edit.vm...
  21. I tried this but still get an error at the line 'formpanel.getForm().loadRecord(rec)' - it says 'Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'undefined' is null or not an object'. I tried alert(formpanel) upon...
  22. I read in Ext JS in Action ( by J. Garcia) that if we have an instance of, we can use the form's loadRecord method to set the form's values. However, he does not give a working...
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    The example is great but where I can see the code behind it? I am struggling to do something similar, namely populating a pop-up form with grid row data upon clicking of the Edit icon (in...
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    Thanks for your prompt reply, sword-IT. My assignment, however, is to leave the code of the DeleteUser function unaltered and use RenderText (in the delete function) to get result.responseText to...
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    I have a DeleteUser function that gets called when the user clicks on the delete row icon in an actioncolumn.
    Here is the code for the function:

    function DeleteUser(id) {
    Ext.Ajax.request ({...
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