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  1. Hi,

    If I define my own body template for a GridView it is ignored in the first render. After an refresh it is rendered correctly.

  2. this space between the paragraphs is probably the margin of the p-tags.
    so this is correct behavior I think.
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    Thanks for the roadmap.

    I'm a bit disappointed that no LiveGrid is on this list :(
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    you might also consider using a NumberField.
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    I'm skeptical about Air. If I want a Desktop-Application why not use a real Desktop GUI-Toolkit?
    - native look at feel (across platforms)
    - faster (imagine 3D stuff)

    Pro Air is that...
  6. hi,

    create a simple testcase - else no one can help you.

    how does it work in safari?
  7. Some time ago I posted a similar solution:

    I tweaked the SubmitAction posted in this thread a bit further, it uses getValue now for all Fields....
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    you may use hideLabel.
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    and note also the reply by brian.moeskau, this feature is now in ext!
    so there is no need to use this extension - just use the GroupingView
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    You can't.
    Thats the limitation of such extensions implemented as inherited classes.

    It would be possible if these extension would be plugins - though sometimes plugins are harder to write.
  11. ReferralForm.form.submit({
    waitMsg:'Creating Referral...',
    success: function(form, action){
    var id =...
  12. amazing! this work really great!
    (even in konqueror!)

    thanks for sharing...
  13. use deferredRender: false for the TabPanel
  14. this is standard HTML behaviour.

    I use my own submit action which works around this problem. It sends all values as params - so for every field getValue() is called to get the value (not the...
  15. This is maby related with this:
    In your case the combobox has 70px width, in my case only the drop-down-view.

    possible workaround: disable...
  16. that works - thanks

    yes - but the problem is that the visible tab (which is rendered regardless of dererredRender) isn't shown correctly.
  17. If you put a FormPanel inside the first Tab of a TabPanel it doesn't appear in Firefox If you put the FormPanel into the second Tab everything works fine. Also tried in IE6 - this Browser...
  18. could this be used to write unit-tests for ext applications?

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    thanks :D
  20. issue has been solved in revision 1250.
  21. In my testcase deferredRender is allready false.

    when I set it true the problem is solved, but I get another one:
  22. ooops, I'm sorry :(
    I corrected the link in my post....

    here the link to the js-file you could put directly into /examples:
  23. the latest - 1226
  24. Hello,

    the onEnable function should do the same as onDisable (of course not exactly the same :D)

    this patch fixes it:

    Index: src/widgets/SplitButton.js...
  25. My testcase:
    Click Tab2, no Field 2 appears.

    Browser: Firefox Linux + Firefox Windows (+ Konqueror)

    If I set deferredRender to...
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