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  1. thank you for looking, i dont think IE7 support will be that big an issue.
    the site im working on is for an game and i think most gamers wont have an old version of IE running.
  2. Ive been staring at the dataview every evening this week and could not find anything wrong with it...
    Thank you so much for pointing that out it seems that i missed adding that in the index.html
  3. thank you for the quick reply i didnt expect one so soon.

    I was still trying lots of things to try and make it work and my live enviroment is my testing ground since the site isnt operational yet,...
  4. Hello all,

    Im new to Ext and am trying to learn the language by building an website.
    So far ive managed to solve most problems i ran into but there is one thing i cant get fixed.
    Im trying to...
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