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  1. I tried Qtx's solution. It worked fine in Firefox but didn't work in IE8. I use version 4.1.1 anyway.

    I am wondering why this problem hasn't been solved officially yet :-?
  2. Yes, if I remove the css, the first column looks fine. But the problem is that I need to show the large records in several lines so that they are all clearly visible at the same time and the css is...
  3. Hi everyone,

    I am using Ext 4.1.1 to create a grid, which has a rowexpander and some large length data. I apply a css 'word-wrap: break-word;' to make sure each data can be seen. And it works fine...
  4. Hi,

    I have a grid, a column of which is hyperlinks. I return a js function in the renderer, and I need to fire event to call the controller in it. But the problem is that javascript function is...
  5. Hi,

    I am trying to upgrade Ext3.4 codes to Ext4.1 and I have encountered a problem that it seems there is no config for a column to set multiple editors.

    In Ext3, it works like this way:
  6. Got it, thanks!
  7. So you mean if I set modal for a window, it should be the last one?

    Now I use modal as a mask when I open a new window to cover something already shown. But in the new window, there are some...
  8. Hi,

    I met a problem when defining modal in a new window. It will create a mask to hide everything behind it. And it looks good. But after that, if I need to popup a message box or a new mask, they...
  9. Brilliant solution! Thanks for your help :)

    But I think adding the listener is enough to disable the checkbox, it's no need to configure the editor.
  10. Hi,

    I am trying to disable the check boxes when using Ext.ux.CheckColumn. When I set disabled is true in the configuration, it doesn't seem to work, as I can still change the check boxes in the...
  11. I have fixed it! Thank you for your reply. It is really helpful :)
  12. Hi,

    I met a problem when using file upload field. In the first time I submitted the form including a file field, I can get the file in the backend successfully. And then, I did some validations...
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