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    You might be interested in this app that can generate TS definitions.
    Repo includes generated definitions for Sencha Touch 2.2.1 and 2.3.1, ExtJS 4.2.0 and DefJS.
  2. I suspect I was using an older SA version at the time. It was many months ago (Feb 2013) - so perhaps this older version did not support the JSHint syntax checking.

    I still use SA only for small...
  3. Here's another one that supports icons.
    It's a bit more DRY and uses Sencha updateX() methods:

  4. Sorry guys .... I should have searched first ... here's the answer:
  5. I have some friends embarking on a project to port from Flex to GWT / GXT. They already have a Java backend so it makes sense to build the UI using Java. They also want to create a mobile version but...
  6. I'm considering building desktop and mobile versions of an app.
    I noticed that the Touch API looks like its a port of ExtJS so I wondered ...

    Q1. If you build classing in one library, how...
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    There might be an alternative architectural solution but it's not simple to implement and may be infeasible.

    What you do is create an intermediary server that executes the ExtJS Javascript code...
  8. Yes. We may have to look into doing this. In our case we don't yet need to convert it into an integer on the client side so we can cheat by just using a TextField and a regex to check that its a...
  9. Actually I needed 'maxlength' rather than 'size':

    defaultAutoCreate: {tag: "input", type: "text", maxlength: "15", autocomplete: "off"},
    Thanks guys for your very quick responses! ...
  10. Yes ... sorry ... I do know this. Thanks.
  11. OK ... so I think that I should reduce the 150 width to 15.
  12. We configured an integer form field as follows:

    var num = Ext.form.NumberField ({
    width: 150,
    allowBlank: true,
    allowDecimals: false
    When you key in 999999999999999999999 ...
  13. Note that date validation gets trickier if you support a set of altFormats like say: 'Y-M-d|Y-m|Y' since you can't just unparse to check if the value matches as we do in the code example above. You...
  14. In our example below, date fields accept dates in the format YYYY-MM-DD (but the bug exists for any standard format).

    The JavaScript Date() constructor appears to convert dates like 2008-04-44...
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    I just gave a presentation last night on ExtJS to a local Ruby/Rails user group ... and this morning I discovered that the Ext world just changed again with 2.1 release. Lov'in it. :D GWT + Ext is...
  16. Weird ... it appears to be working for me now also.
    I did test it multiple times and refreshed, restarted FF etc.

    Thanks for checking it.
  17. The Feedviewer example at ....
    ... was working nicely until I upgraded to Firefox this morning.

    Works ok in IE7 so I don't...
  18. Some further thoughts ....

    It would be great to have similar testing support for MessageBox objects. In this case, I would suggest that an id prefix be used for Yes/No/Cancel/OK buttons and...
  19. Thanks Condor. I now get the picture. So basically the button that you click on is not the outermost element.

    I think this suggests that a valuable and easy to implement feature addition to Ext...
  20. I'm facing the same issue with wanting to set the id so that Selenium would find it. I had expected that Ext would set the DOM id for you rather than needing this workaround. Isn't that part of...
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    The SimpleStore.expandData property is undocumented but used in
    docs/resources/docs.js (149) v2.0.1
    examples/tasks/classes.js (92) v2.0.1
  22. I need to use TextArea fields that can grow and shrink in place of single line TextField. This because they become innerHTML values in XML documents that are often single line values but can be...
  23. I figured that you could pass the item a variable reference as one of the config params.
    I admit this may defeat the purpose.
  24. Yes ... I wanted to put the label above the field not beside it.
    This because the label can be come very long and will eventually include a combo box that eventually morphs into a static label and...
  25. Yeah that would be nice.
    I think perhaps you should also be able to reference Template or XTemplate in an item.

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