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    From what I found:
    - no isIE11
    - isIE - return false
    - isGecko - returns true

  2. Thanks for checking. I'm currently prototyping the combobox based off of Saki's LovCombo. Once its been tested and polished a bit for public consumption, I'll update this post with src code and...
  3. Is there an extjs 3.4 plugin that will allow a combobox to have multiselect functionality and allow the options to be listed by grouping? Kind of like this jquery plugin:...
  4. Depending the order your JS files are loaded, you could create a new file that is a copy of the Ext.EventManager but has the suggested fixes in it and then load it after the orginial Ext.EvertManager...
  5. Any word yet on when ExtJS 3.4.2 (w IE10 support) is available? From what this and various other post have mentioned, it was suppose to be out after 4.2.0 release and in Q1 of 2013. I would...
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