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  1. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  2. Hi,

    There's not a public API for setting the animation properties - just a boolean is allowed in setValue(). For that you would need to override Ext.slider.Thumb.
  3. Hi,

    Can you post a small test case demonstrating the issue you're seeing at and I'll test along with you?

    Also, what version of ExtJS are you working with?
  4. The underlying DOM can change between framework versions so styling the components with your own CSS can require additional upkeep on your part to inspect the DOM for all browsers your application...
  5. Thank you for the issue report!

    Regarding the selection of only one list item at a time you might check out the single config:...
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    The best way is probably not to try and inject a browser click event, but rather to directly call the method used as the handler. If you have the method reside on the menu itself or on an ancestor...
  7. I take it this is a phantom record created client-side, correct?
  8. Yikes! I'm really sorry to hear about that!
    Yeah, definitely post back if you're still seeing odd behaviors with your routes once you have them up again.
  9. Hi,

    With Ext 5 the file field control only supports submitting the file via form.submit(). You might be able to inspect the DOM of the inputEl of the filefield and do your own http connection,...
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    That would a method found under Ext.util.Format:!/api/Ext.util.Format-method-lowercase
  11. Hi,

    Does the below example accurately capture what you're looking to do? If not, feel free to fork the Fiddle and post back.

  12. Hi,
    Is there any way you can post a test case here or at that I can use to test along with you on my machine?
  13. Uh oh. I've mislead you I'm afraid.
    Only configs that described in the class's config: {} block or that have a setter defined are bindable so tpl will not work as a bindable config on the dataview....
  14. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    TreeStore filtering isn't supported in ExtJS 4.x, but is in 5.x.

    If you need filtering in 4.x you'll need to roll your own solution. You might be able to get some mileage from the...
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    The restoreZoom() method should be what restores the zoom back to where it was previously. I haven't tested that with Ext4 / Ext Charts recently. I know that zoom was buggy with Ext4 charts and may...
  17. I see. I can look into that for you. Out of curiosity, what action would happen on the triggerclick of the readonly field?
  18. You might check out the following example for some ideas on how to set the drag proxy content when dragging:
  19. I'm afraid the window styling overrides the resizer styles. I suspect the closest you'll get is to use a panel and set it to floating: true. Though, that omits the window styling for the frame of...
  20. I'm afraid that's not possible presently (as of 5.0.1). There is discussion internally about how that might be set up to work in future versions of Ext 5.x. How to assign or allow to be assigned...
  21. In the view's definition set the tpl in the view's initComponent method. In that you can perform any lookup you'd like including a lookup to fetch a stored value in a property of an ancestor...
  22. I'm not sure I follow quite what you're seeing. Do you have a test case you could share that demonstrates what you're seeing?

    *You can share a test case with Sencha Charts at...
  23. For what it's worth, I did something somewhat similar on a previous project I worked on where we needed data from several sources to roll in before the app would launch so initially you'd have a...
  24. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker. I believe the thinking currently is that you'd only send the id up on delete actions, but we'll continue to review this internally. ...
  25. Hi,

    I believe you will have to roll your own solution at least to some degree. The statefulness of components is only designed to work with in-memory/browser data as the statefully supplied...
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