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  1. Sorry, but I can't find any reference to bodyCfg neither in Panel, nor in Container or BoxComponent or Component. Actually, if you search bodyCfg in ext-all.js, you'll find references only into...
  2. Hi, I just installed Ext2.2 on my application, and I noticed that my extension to the FormPanel is no more working because the new version is not creating the form tag. It configures it using this...
  3. No, my problem persist also without a backend: I can replicate it using a simple html/js page using an ext calendar control.
  4. Sorry for my delay.
    Coolite is right about the problem...and I'm more optimistic than him: I think the problem is 100% connected to the DST. Unfortunately the code of the DatePicker is complex, and...
  5. Well, maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think Ext library should be aware of how dates are saved into the database, 'cause if I want to save dates as strings, then Ext should perform automatic conversions...
  6. Can anybody validate this patch? If this patch is right, it sould be included into the trunk.

  7. Your opinion is like my opinion. But map, filter and forEach methods are not a real problem for us, 'cause you can redefine them in a easy way (like you did).
    The problem is the language itself and...
  8. I posted a possible solution here:

    Try it and let me know

  9. Sorry trbs, are you aware that your code is using methods from JavaScript 1.6 that are not (officially) supported by other browsers than Firefox >= 2.0? In your code I can find:

    /* Fix for...
  10. Well, I don't think it is a FF bug.
    In the DatePicker code, Ext uses getTime function that, according with the mozilla javascript documentation, "returns the numeric value corresponding to the time...
  11. Sorry, I can't understand if this bug has a solution or a working workaround. I just found the same problem here. Using Ext2.0 1464 svn revision.
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