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  1. I changed the way I'm doing it so that I am affecting only my label.

    Now my css code is the following:

    .myList ul
    font-family: arial,verdana,sans-serif, tahoma !important;
  2. Actually, I was wrong when I posted yesterday about the bullet points showing. Yesterday I was just so happy that at least there was indentation.

    Yesterday I was using the following code for the...
  3. Hi aconran,

    I am not using Sencha Touch but rather I'm using Sencha Architect 2.

    If I am using Sencha Architect 2, do I still need to make those ul and ul li rules more specific? If so, more...
  4. Hi aconran,

    When I started my last reply you I did not see your reply. I guess that you posted your most recent reply when I was in the middle of typing my most recent reply.

    Yeah, that is...
  5. Okay, I think that I have figured out how to solve the problem.

    I thank aconran for getting me on the right track.

    My css file in the Resources of this Sencha Architect 2 project has the...
  6. Drat, I made a change to the css file and added the !important at the end of the lines about list-style-type and padding-left but still I am not seeing what I desire. Now my code for the Sencha...
  7. Hi aconran,

    Thanks for trying to help me.

    I have now in this Sencha Architect 2 project a css file in the Resources. The css file has the following code:

  8. aconran, could you please advise? I read the two links but am unsure how to proceed within the Sencha app.

    I have now in the Resources of this Sencha app a css file with the following code:

  9. Thanks much, aconran. I'll look at those links and try to figure out how to do it.

    Hviezdoslav 30-JAN-2013 Wednesday
  10. I was using the following code for the label and the html config property:

    xtype: 'label',
    flex: 1,
  11. I tried using the tags for html in the code that I am putting into the html config property of the label with the id instructionFatPercent like the following, but when previewing the Sencha app in...
  12. I want to add this additional information just in case it is relevant.

    In the label with the id instructionFatPercent, the label that I am trying to enter the html code in the html config property...
  13. Greetings,

    For the first time I am using for a Ext.forrm.Label the html config property. The bullet point tags in the html that I am entering into the html config property are not showing the...
  14. I thank you very much, Phil!

    I'll take a look at your sample project to which you kindly provided a link.

    Thanks again,

    Hviezdoslav 28-JAN-2013 Monday
  15. Hi Phil,

    Thanks very much for the reply.

    Please see the attached document for my reply to your reply. It shows how I was using the negative margins to accomplish the positioning that I wanted...
  16. Hello,

    I have a Sencha app on which I have been working. I did not change the default Layout config values for the Ext.container.Viewport (it has auto) and the Ext.form.Panel that has anchor. ...
  17. I thank you for the response, John. I am new to Sencha and am not very experienced.

    Yes, I tried yesterday entering the code via the maxValue - Object config property within Sencha for the...
  18. Hello,

    I am using Sencha Architect 2 and ExtJS 4.1. I am posting this thread today, 18-JAN-2013, but I wrote in a Word document the text of this thread yesterday, 17-JAN-2013, when I was working...
  19. Just in case it might be useful to someone else, I thought that I'd follow up to this thread that I started.

    I did not end up using POST after all for this little Sencha Login app that is just to...
  20. Greetings Ssamayoa,

    I thank you very much for the link. I will checkout the information via the link you provided and try to code in the WCF to return a boolean that indicates whether or not the...
  21. I am very new to Sencha and ExtJS. I am working in a trial version of Sencha Architect as my employer is considering purchasing Sencha.

    I have a Sencha Login app. I have a MyForm...
  22. I'm just testing here to see how to add code tags because I had noticed in one of my previous posts to this thread that the user aconran (Aaron I think is his first name if I remember correctly)...
  23. I see that I need to add code tags in the future when I add code.

  24. The problem has been resolved.

    When I had the PC6000.SideBar (Ext.view.View) highlighted in the Project Inspector, I incorrectly clicked the itemTpl config property to add an itemTpl. I must...
  25. Hello,

    Please pardon my ignorance if this is a stupid question. Also, please forgive me if I am not describing the details enough or if I am describing in too much detail.

    I have a Sencha...
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