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  1. Hi,
    I have a Ext Designer 1.1.2 ExtJS 3 project that I upgraded using the 1.2.1 beta. I ran into a problem with the TreePanel. I have a TreePanel that I promoted to a class in 1.1.2. The problem...
  2. I've emailed and got a response that there was a download link to the old version somewhere here in the Designer forums. But I have not been able to find a download link. Any...
  3. It's been a while and I am still trying to get a copy of the Ext Designer 1.1.2 for OS X. Can someone from Sencha engineering get in touch with me ASAP?
  4. Hi Endielo,
    Yes, I still need the 1.1.2 setup but I am using OS X. Do you happen to have the OS X installer?
  5. Hi,
    I decided to try out Ext Designer 1.2 and installed it on top of 1.1.2. It upgraded my project but I've having a LOT of problems just getting it to run.

    1. I noticed that one of the...
  6. Currently, when you drag a window around, the window turns blue (using the default themes) and then the blue window proxy moves around the screen until you release the mouse. Then the window is...
  7. Have any devs looked into what's going on with this bug? This bug was introduced in Ext 2.2 and I would have to consider it moderately high priority. Everyone using Ext 2.2's HTMLEditor in a hidden...
  8. I am not sure if this is the same bug, but it looks like another thread describes a similar problem:

    One of the posters suggested a solution:
  9. FYI - Just in case anyone else is stuck with this issue - I am able to work around the problem by dropping back to the HTML Editor from Ext 2.1.
  10. Hi, sorry about the previous post without details. We ran into the problem and didn't have the time to reproduce the problem. But now I've got a test case for the problem and more details on what...
  11. I just noticed that the HTMLEditor in Ext 2.2 is totally broken under Firefox It looks as though the new HTMLEditor is trying to access variables and functions that it is not permitted to...
  12. A similar bug was also posted here:

    It seems like there is some issue with the header scroll in IE7/IE6. I was...
  13. Ok, it looks like I've found a solution for this bug.

    The bug can be fixed by commenting out the mousedown handler in TreeEditor's initEditor method.

    initEditor : function(tree){
  14. Any progress on this bug?

    I'm using Ext 2.0 beta 1 and am still seeing this problem. I'm willing to debug the problem if someone will point me in the direction to look.
  15. I was experiencing the same problem with grid headers not scrolling in IE6.

    Maybe someone on the dev team can look over my fix and if it looks good commit the fix back to SVN.

    What seems to be...
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