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    new Ext.panel.Panel({
    title: 'Column Layout Bug',
    renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
    layout: 'column',
  2. Just wanted to add something for anyone that might be seeing this problem.

    While it's true that returning text/html encoded json will work, it appears that the code tries to compensate when this...
  3. We are seeing this as well. Our app has a screen with a bunch of grids on it, and the initial load brings Windows Chrome to its knees. Mac Chrome and Firefox (Mac/Windows) don't even break a sweat.
  4. TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'store.remove(me, true)')

    var store = new{
    fields: [{
    name: 'text'
  5. Is there any workaround, or override for this problem?
  6. I have a UI that is generated from some remote data. When creating the items, I'm adding an attribute from that remote data, which happens to be numeric. Some time later I'm querying for any item...
  7. "[foo]" should find all 3 buttons in this example, but it only finds 2.

    var panel = Ext.create('Ext.Panel', {
    x: 10,
    y: 10,
    width: 250,
  8. I guess my point is that it WAS reproducible and now it's fixed. Anyone following the thread and/or release notes will be misinformed.
  9. I find it curious that this thread is now marked as NOREPRO instead of FIXED. Seems misleading.
  10. This appears to be fixed in 4.1.3 but the release notes still say that it's a known issue.
  11. Mitchell,

    This bug is not fixed in 4.1.3. Note also that it is not listed as a fixed bug nor is it listed as a known issue in the release notes.
  12. Seeing this as well. Can someone move this to the bug forum or should it be posted again?

    Edit: 4.1.2a, Safari, FF, Chrome
  13. This looks like it might have been addressed in EXTJSIV-5226, but it doesn't work.{
    buttons: Ext.Msg.YESNO,
    defaultFocus: 'no'
  14. "ext-all-debug.js:96394TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'me.el.child')"

    Ext.onReady(function() {

    var store = Ext.create('', {
  15. I've reported this issue twice. Glad to see that it's been fixed. Here's my workaround, though it may not make sense for your use-case.

    // WORKAROUND for an Ext bug. Duplicate display...
  16. bump

    My $.02: The documentation says to escape html however that doesn't work properly because onUploadComplete never un-ecapes it. What we are left with is the textarea *ahem* hack which isn't...
  17. el.getAttribute('id').. please.
  18. While dragging Panels around, Ext.panel.Proxy calls panel.ghost() which calls me.el.hide(). As the dragging is happening, I reorder the panels with container.add(). When the drop is complete, the...
  19. Replies
    I had made some changes locally since my last post to that thread. I just posted the code that I've been using for a while now.
  20. Replies
    See if this helps:
  21. activeErrorsTpl uses un-prefixed class "last" which happens to be interfering with some local CSS. I would think that this class should have been something like "x-last".

    It appears that this...
  22. I would think that either one of the two scenarios is correct:
    1. If the display field is automatically escaped, then it should be my responsibility to create an XTemplate that supports formatting...
  23. Mitchell..

    From what I can determine (via google), all of the major browsers support this "feature". That is, you can address any form element by name as an attribute of the form object. This...
  24. It's frustrating to take the time to submit bug reports only to have them not taken seriously. Even if it's determined that this is not a bug, I feel I'm entitled to some kind of reply. That this...
  25. Is this what it looks like?

    The description sounded familiar.
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